Captain Emanuel Kissey
Master Mariner, Sabah, Malaysia

Sifu Wong's Visit

Sifu's visit to the Kissey's family house in March 2002. From left: Mrs Kissey Senior, Mr Kissey Senior, Sifu, Simu and Dr Roseline Kissey

“At this juncture of their life I cannot think of a greater gift for them than this.”

Captain Emanuel Kissey

Dear Sifu,

I felt compelled to write these out of gratitude.
I cannot say more as words elude my feelings.

Shaolin Wahnam Sabah
16th August 2004

A Gift of Chi

Our mother and father are kind, hardworking, persevering folks. They come from that part of Borneo now known as Sabah, which is a part of Malaysia. They were born before the 2nd World War and lived through it. As it were, they are not short on life's experiences, having known both war and peace.

They were blessed with eleven children and between them they raised all of us to be successful individuals of the 21st century. We grew up during the exciting years of the 50's through the 70's. Our father worked as a hospital assistant and our health benefited from his knowledge of good hygiene, adequate and suitable diet and medicine. Our mother ably managed domestic affairs and to my estimate was superlative.

We were also brought up to be God fearing people in the Roman Catholic way. This, perhaps more than anything else, stirred our nascent spiritual yearning and evolution. Now with all their children married, our parents have retired to their kampong (village) in rural Borneo, contented and apart for mild surprises now and then, expecting nothing exceptional or unusual.

Farewell Sifu

Bidding farewell to Sifu after the June 2002 Intensive Chi Kung Course in Sabah. From left: Dr M Ganasan, Alice Kunjan, Johnson Tee, Captain Emanuel Kissey, Sifu, Dr Rosaline Kissey and Dr Damian Kissey

Yet in March of the year 2002 something remarkable and momentous happened for them. Sifu traveled to their home in heartland of Sabah, met with them, taught them “Lifting the Sky”, opened some points and initiated them to the wonderful art of chi kung. At this juncture of their life I cannot think of a greater gift for them than this.

Our mother and father are now 70 and 78 years old respectively. They have since attended Sifu's Intensive Chi Kung Course in Sabah. Both are exemplary practitioners. I do believe that they number amongst a few of Sifu's elder students. Afflictions that are normally attributable to age do not bother them.

They now lead a fuller and healthier life and spend some of their time jet-setting visiting their grand children all over Malaysia, Australia and Japan.

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to Sifu for facilitating this gift of chi to our parents.

In an inspired moment the following is a poem dedicated to our parents and written by one of our siblings.

		Now it is hard to imagine
		How you scream to disown
		Caned and bruise these children
		Grubby and guilty, wishing they disappear for good
		In your provoked duty
		If one child an unbearable troll
		Yours was multiplied eleven fold
		Now still harder to imagine
		To see you in your seventies
		Witness the several occasions
		Sadness crowding your eyes
		Veiled by late evening departure of these over mobile children
		Taller, broader, travel a world wider than your horizons
		How you wish they come home more often
		Though it is the all consuming call
		To self consolidate, taken to distant work and long separate
		The world whose doors you helped to open 
		and pointed to lofty goals
		Hasten dearly would if we could attain the best
		What joy if unto this brief life		
		Were all our noble dreams to crest
		Nevertheless your firm stand remembered
		Along with the imperfect, the odd candour
		With loyal belief your God favored
		But more than that your duty kept to children 
		whose later turn to wait
		Upon every selfless parents wish to live 
		and complete that transient state
							... 1984
In Sungai Petani

The Kisseys in Sungai Petani with Sifu's family and senior students. From left: Dr Damian Kissey, Simu, Sifu, Mogan, Chun Nga, Mr Kissey Senior, and Cheong posing outside a vegetarian restaurant


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