Christopher Jones
Accountant, England

Christopher Jones
Chtristopher Jones performing "Nourishing Kidneys"

This has been a difficult time and your messages have been a great source of strength and inspiration to me.

-- Christopher Jones


This is a short note to thank you very much for your help. This has been a difficult time and your messages have been a great source of strength and inspiration to me.

You were under no obligation to help me and I wouldn't have blamed you if you had replied that your interest in me had finished with the end of the course.

It was at that course in Malaysia that I mentioned to you that, after having read "Chi Kung for Health and Vitality" three years ago, I had wanted to train with you but had believed it to be unlikely. You replied that the time had not been right. The corollary was that the time was now right. And how events have proved you correct!

I can honestly say that your course provided me with the means and faith, in a non-religious sense, to cope with this most difficult of times. I cannot contemplate my situation and state of mind had I not attended.

Please rest assured that your faith in me will be repaid by me continuing with my practice and using the precious gift that you have bestowed upon me.

I hope that, at some point in the near future, I shall be able to retake the Chi Kung course to ensure that my practice is correct and free from deviation.

Meanwhile, I hope that your new courses are successful.

With many thanks,
Christopher Jones
E-mail barbara.rawlinson@virgin.net
29th November 2000.

Christopher Jones
Chtristopher Jones enjoying chi flow in an intensive chi kung course in August 2000 in Malaysia.

The Message Sent by Sifu Wong

Dear Christopher,

It is nice to hear from you, and to know that you feel great and energized after each chi kung session.

Cancer is nothing to be afraid of! Many, many people who have practised chi kung from me, have overcome cancer. I have no doubt at all that you will overcome it. And later when you look back, you will find that having suffered from cancer once and then having overcome it, enables you to appreciate life more deeply and meaningfully.

You can carry on your chi kung practice even in hospital, but do so informally. Instead of performing the chi kung exercises formally like what you normally do, remain in bed and gently think of or visualize good cosmic energy flowing through you. The good cosmic energy comes from the sky or heaven, enters you though your head and shoulders, flows through your body and out of your fingers and feet. First let the energy cleanse you, then let it revitalize every cell in your body. Perform this exercise gently and intuitively.

Best regards.
E-mail shaolin@pd.jaring.my
28th November 2000.


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