Ulrich Fischer

Ulrich Fischer at the Chi Kung Healing Course, October 2011

Dear Sifu,

Now we have December and I think back about my personal life experience throughout the year 2011.

I was lucky to join the Chi Kung Intensive Course in April, the courses in Vienna and the Healing Course in Penang. I can state today the manifested results during this year were unbelievable to me. The personal development and progress seem to be exponential!

As you might remember I sent you some "desperate" emails during early summer, describing a state of feeling like an "old dying man". You also know about my "hip blockage" and you gave me some healing exercise in Penang. I have the impression the Healing course gave me the last "tip" of a breakthrough.

This e-Mail is to express my gratitude to you, making this possible. Today I am in the state of life I was searching for since 40 years. I arrived home - inside. I would like to feedback some of my beautiful experiences with you.

My lumbar spine is becoming more flexible since a few weeks. Sometimes I still suffer from some blockage in the hip, but I manage to get better within a few days. I am really convinced now that I can get rid of it completely within the next months.

The fear to die (and any fear) has gone completely. I even feel more "detached" from myself. I am not my emotions, I am not my job. I have the feeling I am sitting in the drivers seat of my life, But this seat is "above" and outside of me. So I can see all the beautiful possibilities to act, to react or variety of options how to perceive reality. I enjoy the freedom inside me.

The change on my energy level is also amazing. After a 10-hour workday of consulting I return home and figuratively looking where to "cut some wood". I do not feel tired at all. One year ago I felt exhausted after working even 7 hours.

And the last experience is the most exciting: Life around me is organizing itself in correlation of my "thoughts". For example, when I am talking to a business person and I think about a certain idea or action we should take, the person himself comes up with the idea after some minutes.

The short response time is amazing. It feels like doors everywhere are opening up and people and life supports you. I think the energy flow inside creates also flow outside.

The "problem" is only that sometimes I feel a bit "guilty"! When I express my joy of life and other people telling me their stories of "suffering"

When I tell them they should practice Chi Kung, most of them simply do not believe there is a "so simple tool" in the world which resolves all their troubles. I hope that after curing myself - especially my hip problem, I can also give good health and good life to others in the near future.

I also have not forgotten about our Zen course for VIP. Perhaps we can just define a date in the second half of the year and I will promote it.

Thank you for everything and I hope to meet you soon in 2012.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year 2012 for you and your family and thanks to Wei Foong for making all the courses possible.

Best Regards,
17th December 2011.

Ulrich Fischer
Fischer-Evolution Consulting

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Enjoying life



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