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Alex Baranosky

Alex Baranosky

Thank You

Dear Sifu,

Tonight I was listening to some music, spending some time with Paula. I was smiling from the heart.

I felt a smooth stream of chi flowing down my ren meridian, down my face. The more I smile the more the refreshing flow fills me with ease and peace and good feelings. And I sit there feeling what I guess you'd describe as immense gratitude to be alive, and to practice our arts.

So much gratitude that someone from literally the opposite side of the planet would teach me something so profound and precious... Such happiness, I feel so much passion for life flow through me, the music hits inside me like it touches my soul, and like I can feel the soul of the singer, and feel what it really means to be alive in my heart.

I realize that some people don't feel passion. When they eat food, or hear a sound, or smell a smell they don't really feel it with fullness, and I attribute a lot of that to what I've learned from you.

Well thank you. Some things in life are so special that I realize I am just so incredibly lucky to have 1) heard of you, 2) had a mindset that could even believe the things you teach 3) learned from you, and 4) been able to practice enough to reap the benefits. Really it's just my good luck. And now that I know our teachings, my luck only grows, and I wonder how anyone could ever see life in a bad light.

Thank you Sifu I hope I can have the awareness to be able to follow your lessons as closely as possible, so I can waste as little time in getting more benefit, and for spreading more of that benefit to others.

All the Best,
2nd April 2010


"If you can walk one mile, you can walk a hundred miles." - Sigung Ho Fatt Nam

"One's qi flow can and should be maintained throughout the day"

"Take a moment to feel just how wonderful it feels just to be alive"


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