Santiago enjoying inner peace during the Intensive Chi Kung Course

Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

Here ends another amazing and very special course with Sifu. The feelings that I am having right now are sadness and happiness. Sadness because it has ended already and happiness because I had the opportunity to attend.

I feel much purer than when I started. It is not only happiness but also more courage and inner peace. I feel that I am destroying those blockages that are separating me from pure joy.

Sifu said something that made me feel and think about the way I was dealing with my life that really impacted on me. I have always been trying to be kind and nice with everybody, even with those people that really hurt me. It has never been my intention to hurt people. So, when they were hurting me deep inside, I was just locking those emotions on myself. I have never been so aware, until this point, on how much harm I was creating to myself.

During my last three Chi Flows, I felt that thousands of negative emotions were coming out from my mouth. It was like if a black river of anger, frustration, hate and guiltiness was leaving my body. Now, I am fully aware of why these emotions can really create illness and even cause death if one does not free them.

About 8 years ago, I got tired of directing my frustrations to the people that I really loved. At that point I decided to buy a sandbag that I could put on my backyard. I was punching it four hours and many times my hands ended bleeding after the training. I felt really good punching that sandbag. I was feeling really happy because I found a tool to free my emotions and I wasn't hurting anybody. Soon, I realized that I had to find something else because I wasn't hurting anybody but I was hurting myself.

Then, Chi Kung came into my life. I was able to help myself without hurting me. I didn't need to carry my sandbag wherever I went. This amazing tool provided me a way to unlock my emotions no matter where I was.

Sifu is a Grandmaster for many reasons but, for me, the most important reason is that he is the person that I trust more in the entire world. I feel safe with his guidance and I know that if I am a good student, a good teacher and a good method are a matter of course.

I never get on the courses what I expect, I get more. This is because I have a wrong perception of what I should expect and Sifu always corrects that perception on me.

The healing did not only occur in the class but everywhere: In the tours, in the meals, in the chatting with the Shaolin Wahnam members.

I was really happy to see how the new members of the school were treated with love, respect and kindness by all Shaolin Wahnam members. This is the proof that shows me that what Sifu is teaching us is a treasure for our lives.

Those that are new might be skeptical on the art but, when something is genuine, there is no space for doubt. New members just have to take a look at Sifu and the Senior members and see the kindness, respect, happiness and love that they all share in every single interaction.

When I started with Shaolin Wahnam, I wasn't feeling really good but the kindness, respect, love and happiness that the Shaolin Wahnam Family has always given me made me stay. If I had seen anger, violence, frustration and lack of respect, I had probably escaped from this family and had looked for something else.

I always see in Sifu and Senior members the aspirations that I want for my life. I came to this family to heal myself and to learn love, kindness, happiness and respect. I already had enough frustration, anger and hate in my life.

Thanks Sifu for everything. I use the term "everything" because if I had to write all the things that you did for me, I would keep this post really, really long. I cannot imagine my life without belonging to this amazing School and Family.

I also want to thank all Shaolin Wahnam members for making this course a life changing experience.

Shaolin Salute,

Santiago Cabo
6th April 2012

Santiago sparring with Kevin an a subsequent Intensive Taijiquan Course which Santiago also attended

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