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Matt Wood

Shaolin Wahnam England

26th December 2012

Dear Sigung and Family,

I feel so fortunate, blessed and grateful to have had the privilege to attend this course, which was incredible on so many levels. I've been considering what to post since getting back to the UK and it's difficult to know where to begin. I'm sure there will be more posts from me on this in future as I train the skills received from Sigung's generous transmission, but here are some initial comments.

I read about the Small and Big Universe some years ago when I was practicing Tai Chi (dance). It never crossed my mind then that it would be possible to acquire such a skill as it sounded almost mythical at the time (in my ignorance), even if it could be achieved after many years of practice. I didn't even consider at that time that I could find a teacher who would teach or accept me onto such a course, let alone so soon in my Chi Kung development. And it would have been unimaginable to me to think that the skills could be acquired in such a ridiculously short time.

I came to this course trying not to have any expectations. Of course, I had read the accounts of previous courses on this forum, including reference instructions, but I did my best to disregard them and come to the course with a beginner's attitude. I also took minimal notes throughout the course compared to previous courses. I simply tried to follow instructions to the best of my ability. I'm sure this helped.

The way Sigung led us through the course was fantastic and effortless. Each session built seamlessly on the previous one. Sigung emphasised the three golden rules (as he always does) but they seemed to hold even greater significance on this course. I was personally pleased to have made progress since the Intensive course (in April) in this regard and I managed not to worry unduly, where previously I may have got hung up on following the instructions or comparing my personal experience to others' experiences.

Although I wasn't sure whether the Small Universe had broken through in earlier sessions, I trusted and persisted without worrying and this resulted in absolute confirmation when we moved on to the Big Universe. Being aware of chi flowing round my body and pulsing at the energy points in the hands and feet was marvelous, amazing and certainly not like anything I have ever experienced before. What is even more wonderful -- and definitely a first for me -- is to return back to the UK and be able to apply the skills and get a similar result directly after the course.

There were a couple of particularly significant chi flows for me once we put all the different sections together. One cleansed a large amount of rubbish through my legs, which couldn't stop wobbling during the chi flow and during the standing mediation. The other was really expansive during the Spiritual Big Universe when the chi pushed through my body and beyond. My arms and hands filled with chi like a rubber surgical glove being blown up like a balloon and the energy went beyond my body, while the force at my feet created a sensation that the floor was constantly moving.

Already, numerous benefits from the course are obvious. I can access a better chi kung state of mind than ever before, and more quickly. My heart feels more open and in fact I was quite tearful and emotional on the flight home. I am much more aware of the energy in my body. My non-Small/Big Universe chi kung practice is significantly different now -- more powerful yet smoother at the same time. I am aware of the Big Universe flow even when entering a chi kung state of mind. In fact, overall it feels like Matt v1.5 has been upgraded to Matt v3.0 in one course.

I have also noticed enhanced mental clarity, particularly with decision making which has been improving over the past year with Zen and Intensive courses but is now practically instantaneous. Most strangely, it feels like normal air breathing is less pronounced. It's not exactly like the breathing is shallower but it's almost totally effortless. It may just be happening, or it may not. It is as though breathing happens when I notice it but it may not have been happening prior to that, or if so to a much lesser degree.

I'd like to thank all the other family members for making the course so memorable and fun: my classmates from the UK, the other students and instructors from around the world that I had not previously met, those I still did not meet, and to the friends I have made on previous courses. You have been inspirational and I'm so lucky and grateful to be part of the family. Thank you all!

Dear Sigung, words simply can't do justice to my gratitude to you for accepting me as a student, accepting me on the Intensive course in April and now this amazing Small and Big Universe course. These great arts are enabling me to transform my life for the better day by day, every day. I've seen so much positive change in a relatively short time and with this foundation I know there is a lot more to come in everything and whatever I do. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful, kind, compassionate and generous teacher. I offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks, now and always.

I wish you and the whole Shaolin Wahnam family a wonderful festive holiday time, a happy new year and very best wishes for 2013.

With love, best wishes and Shaolin salute.


small and big universe course

Small and Big Universe Course, Penang December 2012

The above is taken from the thread, Small Universe Course in December 2012 in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum



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