Taijiquan Sabah

Sifu Leo and Grandmaster Wong in Taijiquan Pushing Hands

Sifu Leonard Lackinger

Shaolin Wahnam Austria

26th June 2013

Dear family,

When I arrived at the hotel and had a look at the schedule, I thought "Oh, that's gonna be easy", because it was one hour less on every day than at the Shaolin Intensive last year.

But Sifu still managed to push us to our limits and taught us everything from stances to moving in stances, from Grasping Sparrow's Tail to the Cloud Hands set, from developing internal force to merging with the cosmos, from Pushing Hands to Striking Hands, from combat sequences to the 4 application sets and finally led us to free sparring against Tai Chi Chuan exponents and those of other martial arts. And yes, the course was only 5 days long!

The occasion which might be kept in our minds as "The Durian incident" provided us to experience Sifu’s skill in turning an unpleasant occurrence into an opportunity first hand.

Some of us were forced by an aggressive salesman to buy the "king of fruits", did not want to fight with him and finally gave in to his claim, sharing the costs. After telling Sifu about the occurrence in the afternoon session, we received some extra training in self-defence against knives, which turned into a very interesting and funny session.

As I said at the welcoming dinner, attending a course in Sabah is a manifestation of Wu Wei.

The Yu Wei part is easy: You just have to write an email to the lovely Kissey family and buy your plane ticket.

After arriving at Mount Kinabalu all you need to do is to follow the instructions and enjoy your time with beautiful people from all around the world. The busses are always waiting for you and Sifu guides you from basic fundamentals to master's skills.

Thank you to Sifu for taking so much time and effort to help us developing to better persons and to deepen our understanding in our precious arts.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in organizing this great course and helped supplying us with the videos right after the graduation dinner.

And finally thank you to each and every one who made this a very special week. I hope to meet you all again at one of Sifu's courses. Feel yourself invited to come to Vienna for some training together!

Best wishes,

Taijiquan Tai Chi chuan

Sifu Leo performing a Taijiquan pattern

The above post is reproduced from Intensive Taijiquan Course 2013, Malayia in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Froun



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