bone-marrow cleansing

A Bone-Marrow Cleansing course

Hello Everybody,

I returned last night from the Bone Marrow Cleansing and 36 Strategies Courses. Needless to say they were both wonderful and excellent catalysts for my personal development in the Shaolin Arts. It was also so delightful, as always, to see Sifu and all my fellow Wahnam brothers and sisters. A very special thanks to Sije Joan for organising the course and to all the Irish for being so happy and hospitable!

I had many learnings and experiences on the Bone Marrow Cleansing course, some of which aren't yet fully crystalised. I will just share one or two things that really struck me.

One of the most amazing things for me was that I felt as if I was receiving an existential anatomy course from Sifu. Never before have I been so aware of these 5 basic 'layers' of my psycho-somatic existence. Of course before the course I had experienced awareness to some degree of most of them, but never so clearly and discretely, and I never fully appreciated the function each one played.

As we progressed through them, I felt like one of those sweets that change color and flavour as you suck on them, until you get to the centre. And once arrived, the centre suddenly transforms into the ever-expanding circumference!

The most profound insight I gained was that, by coming to know the physical and subtle layers of the body, not only does one gain a better understanding of one's physical existence, but one also realises at the same time that the mind that perceives the body is actually not of this body, but rather observing from above it and free to expand into the cosmos in the direction of the infinite. The well known words of Bodhidharma came to mind: he who has a body suffers.

Another remarkable experience occurred during the organ level session. As we went through the directing chi to the stomach, lungs, kidneys, liver and then opening the heart, I felt like my mind was effortlessly and unconsciously running a diagnostic scan of them. I could sense the relative strength and vitality of each of the organs. I realised that certain organs were stronger than others and also gained a greater awareness of where some of the deeper blockages that my system has been working on are 'located'. I believe that this awareness alone will be a decisive factor in completely letting go of these blockages which have been with me for many many years.

This morning I practised the bone marrow level and had an amazing experience -- as I let the chi move into the extremities I suddenly felt the countless tiny nerves tingling throughout my entire body!

I give sincere thanks to Sifu and the past masters for the great opportunity we have been given to learn these priceless teachings.

Shaolin salute.

18th February 2013

bone marrow cleansing

Course participants experiencing spiritual joys during a Bone-Marrow Cleansing course

The above is taken from the thread, Bone Marrow Cleansing! in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum



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