katia Marten

Katia in a kungfu poise

Dear Sigung,

Thank you for the most wonderful course (on the Wudang Three-Harmony Set) I have ever experienced, I will never forget it!

When you said in class "Life starts at 60" my whole body was positively shaken and I realized the best part of my life was just starting!

This amazing arts and specialy this amazing set has become my favorite. As you explained in class it has the essence of the best three internal arts where each pattern is a masterpiece. It covers everything and more we need to know to develop unique skills that can be applied not only in combat but on our daily life for safety and success!

I started to learn Kung Fu after 45 and today at 54 I feel stronger, clearer and my body has rejuvenated and healed in so many different ways. I did not felt the menopause and had no need to take a hormone. I was able to survive the hardest years of my life due to extenuating family circumstances and I was able to heal from a broken heart. I was also able to overcome other physical manifestation due to excess of work. ‎

We learned about the importance of choosing love first. We learned about using the right amount of power when we spar and practice and to never expose ourselves to a situation where we can be hurt physically or emotionally. We learn to recognize what level we are in and based on that choose the amount of energy we should put out to protect others and ourselves. It is important to become stronger and more confident at a pace we can handle.

You taught us Sigung that the method to become an amazing Kung Fu master was by combing flow, form and force perfectly. You even explained to me how I could apply this art to my architecture by looking at the big picture first and then going on to the details to create the perfect flow.

I learned that when your heart was beating too fast or the energy got stock on the upper part of your body, you just thought of your hand or your feet or your Dantien or breathed out and it would balance. This course and this amazing set has changed my life for ever and this is something I will never forget!

I will also like to express my deepest gratitude to Sifu (Sifu Emiko Hsuen) for believing in me and preparing me for this amazing course. Thank you for taking care of every little detail to be able to get the best from the course and give the best of us to our Sigung and the world.

This course and these amazing teachings have changed my life for ever and this is something I will never forget and I will always be grateful. Once more, one million thank you Sigung for so much generosity, gentleness and the best teachings ever!

From my heart with deep gratitude and respect


Katia Marten
Shaolin Wahnam Costa Rica
7th November 2016

Karol Baranowski

Katia's beauty and vitality are manifested in the photo

This article is reproduced from Gratitude in the Shaolin Wahnam Institute Discussion forum.



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