Taijiquan Sabah

Intensive Taijiquan Course, Sabah 2013

Dear Sigung,

This is Edward, from Singapore. How are you? I have just completed your intensive taijiquan course in Sabah.

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your kindness, patience and generous teaching during the course. I understand it is very challenging to conduct this class as there are a mix of beginners and very experienced instructors. Yet, you have taught us so well that everyone has benefited from the course. I look forward to continue to learn from you, both in the methodology of teaching and Taijiquan/Qigong. I also want to apologise to you for my lack of competence in the taijiquan forms and I will compensate for it by regular training back in Singapore.

After the course, I experienced this phenomenon called "paradigm shift" when I come back to my country. This feeling is more vivid as compared to the last one I felt after the Small Universe Course in Penang in Dec 2012. Although I am back to my routine, both in work and family life, I felt things are somewhat different. My 2 children look more lovely and cute. My wife seem to look more beautiful and caring towards me. I felt like I have just left planet earth and came back one full circle. In my clinic, I feel like moving my arms doing cloud hands even as I sat on my dental chair. I have just left Singapore for 1 week, but it seem like 1 year to me.

Sigung, thank you for imparting your valuable skills to me. Indeed, the course is life changing. Moreover, it is also the people in the course that make such an impact. I am very inspired by all my brothers and sisters (participants in the course) who travelled miles from their country, taking 7 hrs to 28 hrs of flight time to fly to Sabah. I am truly humbled when I realized that it takes only 2 hrs for me to fly from Singapore to Sabah to learn Taijiquan. During the course, I have made friends and learned a lot from them.

Once again, thankyou for having me entered the Taijiquan Course. This is a wonderful skill that I will continue to practise for the rest of my life.

Warmest Regards,

Dear Edward,

It is great to hear from you, and greater still to know of your wonderful results, though the results are actually expected.

Much of the credit goes to your sifu, Zhang Wuji, who has prepared you very well. Most of the credit, of course, goes to yourself.

You did very well at the course, though at times you might have felt not measuring to my very high demand. This was understandable, and it happened to all students, including very advanced ones, because I often acted like a slave-driver in my teaching, always striving to attain the best.

Yet, when I said that everyone achieved an A at the course, I meant it. Even leaving out the other high level attainments that you and all the other course participants have attained but just considering that you and all the others have internal force and can apply Taijiquan for combat, thus practicing Taijiquan as an internal, martial art, will place you in the top 20% of Taijiquan practitioners all over the world. The top 20% certainly deserves an A.

But the greatest achievement from the course is your finding your wife and children more loving and beautiful. Your paradigm shift is also due to your having attended the Small Universe Course.

This paradigm shift is what we want our students to experience. We do not just want them to perform qigong and kungfu well, we want them to live life joyfully and meaningfully.

Best regards,

Taijiquan Tai Chi chuan

Taijiquan is not just for loosening muscles but can enable you to live life joyfully and meaningfully



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