In December 2014 Sifu Anthony Korahais resigned from Shaolin Wahnam, denounced Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit as his teacher, and explained his action in a post, Why I Left Sifu Wong After 17 Years. (The post has since been removed by Sifu Anthony Korahais.) The post drew many comments. Below is one from Sifu Wong Chun Nga.

Dear All,

I really feel sad when seeing all of you fighting with each other to judge who is doing right things or who is doing wrong things.

My tears come out from my heart, not come out from my both eyes. My body feels very cold because of my sadness seeing all my lovely brothers and sisters fighting with each other again and again, non-stop.

What is the main point to bring up all this sadness into our lovely school, Shaolin Wahnam. What is the point? I really don't understand. I really don't understand.

I rather my lovely school have a peace of mind and carry on with the practice passed down from past masters rather than keep on arguing who is right or who is wrong.

Now my tears start coming down from my both eyes. I am extremely sad inside my heart.

I started joining this lovely school since I was 5 years old. Because I have no choice, my lovely father is the Grandmaster of the school.

My first training was stances training (Golden Bridge). My father set the rules for me: if I wanted to watch cartoons I must be in stance training, otherwise no cartoons for me to watch. Right now when I think back of my childhood, it was a very lovely time for me compared to now. I had more lovely time spending together with my father. Now if I want to see my father it is very hard, because most of his time is spent overseas.

When I was 13 years old, he started traveling out from Malaysia to teach the Shaolin Art. Every morning when I woke up, I really wished my father was beside me, but it didn't happen. Only my mom took good care of the 5 of us. If anything happened to us, there would be no real man protecting the family.

My father spends most of his time to preserve the Shaolin Art for the next generation. His contribution can be said that no one of you can compare with him.

1. He risks his life traveling around the world, most of his time is on a plane (aircraft).

2. He doesn't care to work until midnight just for all of you to read the Shaolin Wahnam website. When sometimes I ask him to sleep early, all the work can be done tomorrow, he responds to me, "Son (Chun Nga), people there are waiting for me to save his or her life. I must have it done tonight for them. Hopefully after they have read they will have better life again."

3. He doesn’t blame anyone. He spends most of his time teaching others compared to spending the time with family members.

4. When he feels sad, he never sounds out to the family members or students.

5. When he feels hungry or tired because he conducts too many classes, he never complains.

6. When he speaks until he has no voice during his teaching he never gives up but keeps on speaking to the students.

7. When he calls home using Skype I can see from his eyes he so misses his family members, but he never gives up his job or duty for the students.

8. When he walks alone and drives alone overseas he never stops his journey to reach the students' destination or place.

9. When the students show dishonour to him, his tears just drop down inside his heart and never from his eyes.

10. When students disagree on his point of view, he is still smiling and explains it the best way he can.

11. When any students or instructors betray him, he never gets angry and some more he is still very caring of them who betray him.

What else you guys want from him (my father)? Why keep on making your master or my father so sad? Does he deserve all this sadness after he has contributed so much? Please ask your heart, is it this the only way you respect your master or my lovely father?

Listen, for those who still want to keep on fighting for justice, please leave the school immediately (Shaolin Wahnam), and don’t ever return back. You do not deserve the Shaolin Arts. Shaolin Wahnam School is not the place for justice. I want PEACE, not fighting for justice.

With Love,
Wong Chun Nga.
20th December 2014.

This post was reproduced by Sifu Charles Chalmers at the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 21st December 2014. Sifu Charles also provided the title for this post.


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