mind level

Grandmaster Wong demonstrating Wudang Tai Chi Chuan at the mind level

Sifu Christina Didyk

Instructor, Shaolin Wahnam USA

11th November 2012

Well I am finally coming back to this plane of existence after another tremendous gift from Sifu.

Of course after so many courses with Sifu these past couple years I am aware that his increases in teaching and transmission should be taken for granted by now but I must say I am completely stunned AGAIN!

Though I knew none of the TaiJiChuan other than Wudang before this course all I want to do is practice everything I know exactly the way Sifu taught it at this course!! Sifu has honed the flow method to absolute brilliance and in one short week I am more confident than ever in my ability to use the flow method to develop not only incredible force but to improve my form as well!!!!

Even more amazing is the blending of Flow, Force and Mind level which Sifu taught during the Wudang set. Indescribable. At mind level my whole body is vibrating with force and mental clarity expands beyond my body, in Flow the speed and increase in force nearly overwhelms me - if I practice the way Sifu taught me and manage to blend these into one - well all I can say is my husband better watch out in sparring practice!!

Everything in my life feels upgraded more than ever before! (do i even need mention my kung fu and tai ji chuan?)

Sifu keeps planting these amazing seeds at each course and each course that follows bears bigger and better fruit. Thank you Sifu Thank you Sifu Thank you Sifu!

Thank you to all the course participants who came from afar for this tremendous course. I trust you were not disappointed! It was absolutely fantastic to meet all of you and to see some of you again and I can't wait to be back in Europe at your courses!

Lastly I simply must post about the truly stupendous abdominal breathing course taught by Sifu at this festival. Sifu's teaching is unparalleled always of course but this may have been one of the best "taught" courses I ever attended. We had many relative beginners on this course as well as some masters. Typically I find the high level chi kung sometimes goes over the head of some beginners.

In this course Sifu spent much more time than usual on the physical movement and technique level - we had more than three sessions of just technique. He explained things in such detail and gave so much time to become accustomed to the technique that by the time we did the actual skill of abdominal breathing I am certain more than 98% of the course participants had the profound flow of energy induced by abdominal breathing.

It was incredible. I myself had one of my biggest breakthroughs in chi kung yet and I know I am changed forever from my experience. I continue to hear form course participants and every single one mentions the abdominal breathing. Just Wow.

Thank you again to everyone who came and thank you Sifu for your generosity, compassion and most importantly your personal example that all you say about these arts is true. For even you continue to be better at everything you do! Incredible

From the Heart

Sifu Christina demonstrating an application of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan against her husband, Sifu Chris, using the shoot

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