Abram and Grandmaster Wong at Huka Falls during their tour of New Zealand with Sifu Sippe

As I mentioned to you in a previous note, I moved to Singapore last year. For a reason unknown to me at the time, I fell into depression. Both you and Sifu (Sifu Sippe Douma) encouraged and helped me with your advice and helpful words. I later attended the Essence of Shaolin Kung Fu and Small & Large Universes Chi Kung courses.

Thank you for these opportunities -- I must say that these classes were life changing! During the course, I once again felt peace with the Universe and generated immense Chi. I also met Fang Jun (aka. FJ), a Shaolin brother who lives right down the road from me! The two of us have since practice our Kung Fu together almost every week.

Upon returning to Singapore, my dog of 6 years died. This was heartbreaking, but it somehow triggered something very interesting. I wrote to you about how I felt her presence after her departure. A clear and amazing miracle for me! Afterwards, I began to feel grief and sadness, but after having the Small & Large Universe active, I could somehow endure. Instead of falling into depression, I was able to accept the feelings and go through them with courage. It was then that I started to feel very strange energies in my Chakra points. Very intense energy, like Chi but narrow in location and along my spine. When I did research, I learned that by accepting the Grief while in a heightened state of Chi, I had allowed a big blockage to open and release.

Somehow this triggered cascade, and over next few months, I had many such experiences. The energy continued to remove deep emotional blockages, filling my dreams and meditations with specific memories. For a time, I was so full of energy that I could hardly sleep for days. It felt like electric lighting was flowing continuously within my body, while hot fluid flowed along my spine. I reached out to Sifu and he helped me a lot. He reminded me to not over train, to not worry, to not over think, to not cling or anticipate the chi, and to allow the blockages to flow.

This was truly amazing for me! After I relived and accepted these memories, I could forgive myself, others, and learn where my personal problems came from. I saw the source of my depression, something that arose after my mother died when I was a kid. Accepting these feelings and clearing the blockages left me so reinvigorated for life. Each of the Chakra points, from my crown to the third eye and down along my spine, is filled with energy and I feel more clear, content and energized. I have never felt more joy and gratitude for life before, and each day I wake up with such a better attitude and feeling of joy for life.

Thank you!!!

Abram Grae,
15th August 2018.



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