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I've been looking forward to being a father and my wife having the best pregnancy experience, assisted by Taijiquan and/or qigong practice, but I'm utterly confused now. Please advise me.

— Yang, Singapore


You will have your wish come true. Your wife can do the following. It is safe, and the results are wonderful. Many people have benefited from this exercise.

Stand upright and be totally relaxed. Alternatively, lie in bed comfortably or sit on a comfortable chair. Smile from the heart. Don't worry about how to do it, just do it. Feel the joy blossoming from the heart.

Next, gently think of good energy flowing from the head through the body to the feet. Do this a few times. It is very important that the thinking must be gentle. Never force the thinking. At this stage, don't think of the baby or the womb.

Then, feel how wonderful it is to be pregnant and soon to give birth to a new life. If your wife is religious, thank God, the Buddha or whatever term she calls the Supreme Reality, for the wonderful blessing. If she is not religious, she can skip this part.

Then, while she is in a totally relaxed manner and mood, gently think that when the time is ripe, she will have a safe and pleasant delivery, and the baby will be healthy and beautiful. Conclude the exercise by smiling from the heart.

Do not treat this as a serious qigong exercise — though it is actually a serious qigong exercise. Treat it like play. Do it as if for fun. That means your wife should not worry at all if she is doing the exercise correctly, and she should do everything in the exercise or play in a gentle and pleasant way.

The above is taken from Question 9 of September 2003 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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