Wonderful Life

Wonderful Life


I hope life is treating you especially good this year.

As you know I ran into some very serious cleansing beginning in 2018. It seems I've realized that my heart was closed to love from myself and most others around me.

I've come to realize that I no longer enjoy or feel I am doing my best work as an acupuncturist. I feel called deeply to spread the Chi Kung you've taught me as I truly believe I can help more people this way.

The biggest need in my heart is for my family to be first in my life and my career to be second.

I've actually been shocked by this realization but also feel a spark of joy in my heart for the first time. I've finally seen the true joy loving connection can be and giving love to my family and myself.

I am currently considering a new innovation for me as a teacher. There is some significant precedent for teaching online meditation courses live these days. Many teachers with less skills than we have are teaching classes online and holding intensive retreats for a set period of time for rather large sums of money.

I know that I am worthy of a wonderful life and great joy.

-- Name and Country Withheld


Life is treating me very well. It must be so as I practice Shaolin Kungfu. There is much truth, as I have discovered gradually, in the saying that "if one is accomplished in the genuine Shaolin arts, it is better than changing stones to gold by touch."

You are certainly "worthy of a wonderful life and great joy". I would have failed in my mission if you aren't.

Your serious cleansing beginning in 2018 is the result of your over-training. Our arts in Shaolin Wahnan are very, very powerful. It really needs much emphasis to impress upon our students that now in Shaolin Wahnam they achieve in one month what I achieved in one year, and I was a very good student in my student's days.

Now I only train at about 30% of my potential, yet it gives good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys. I have more vitality now than people half my age, and I can complete with better results in three hours what other people would need five.

It is perfectly right to give priority to your husband and children than to your work in helping others in acupuncture and other daily tasks. Your husband and children come first.

You are doing well in your training, but you can still improve. First of all, you must learn to love yourself. If you feel that you have done something wrong, you have to forgive yourself. Really forgive. We live in the present and the future, and what you are doing now will contribute to the well-being of people around you and far from you, even though you may not realize their benefit. You must always think of how good you have been.

You are doing well as an acupuncturist. Think of the many people who have recovered from your work. You can spread the chi kung you have learnt from me to other people, but they must be deserving and you should charge a high fee for their benefit. But do so gradually. You must make sure that the income from chi kung is more than the income from acupuncture.

Personally I am not in favour of teaching meditation on line no matter how much the potential income can be. Meditation is actually very advanced; it is mind or soul training, training people to attain the highest spiritual achievement. If people have health problems, they can better overcome them with chi kung healing. I believe chi kung healing will be the medicine in future; there is no such a thing as an incurable disease in chi kung healing. As long as there is chi, there is life.

Reproduced from Question 1 of September 2020 Part 1 in the Selection of Question-Answer Series


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