Introction to Shaolin Kung Fu

Introduction to Shaolin Kungfu


Which of your books teach basic chikung exercises, together with explaining how to do the internal training part, such as chi flow and visualization?

— Wesley, Singapore


All my books, with the exception of “Silat Melayu” which I wrote many years ago in conjunction with a famous Silat master.

These books are “Introduction to Shaolin Kungfu”, “The Art of Chi Kung”, “The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu”, “The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan”, “Chi Kung for Health and Vitality” and “The Complete Book of Zen”. They teach basic chi kung exercises, including explanation on internal chi flow and visualization. The books would not be complete if these two important dimensions of energy and mind are missing.

However, if you have not practiced chi kung or learn from instructors who only teach chi kung dance, you will have difficulty understanding my description. In chi kung it is skills rather than techniques that are important.

For example, it is important to sink your chi, or energy, to your dan tian, or abdominal energy field. You may not have the skill to do so.

The above is taken from Question 12 of March 1999 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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