chi transmission

Chi transmission


I saw in a kungfu movie showing a famous master was sick and he took Chinese herbal medicine. In the past were kungfu masters sick, and how did they get well?

-- Vicente, Spain


We sometimes forget that we are elite. We sometimes forget that other kungfu practitioners, including masters, do not get the wonderful benefits we get.

For some odd reasons, some people are shy, even feel ashamed, to be elite. Some ridiculously think that to be elite is a crime. These are perverted views.

To be a top manager is elite. To be a millionaire is elite. To practice the type of high-level chi kung and kungfu we practice and to enjoy their wonderful benefits is elite. Not every person can be elite. Not only it is highly desirable but rare. We should be proud of it.

What has being elite anything thing to do with your question? It is directly related to the answer.

Our kungfu is elite. It gives us good health, combat efficiency and spiritual joys -- usually in this order of progression. But most other kungfu practitioners, including masters, may not have these benefits. They have combat efficiency -- if they practice genuine kungfu -- but they may not have good health and spiritual joys like we do.

They may not be weak and sickly, but they are not full of good health and vitality like we do. Sometimes they are in pain from the injuries they sustain, and sometimes they become clinically sick.

On the other hand, we are not in pain. If we sustain any injuries, which are seldom, we can readily clear the injuries within half an hour using chi flow!

As our kungfu practice generates chi flow, our chi flow is always smooth, which means we are never sick! If we ever become sick, which is an exception, we can overcome it with chi flow, supplemented by Western medicine, Chinese herbs or other means if necessary.

But why didn't kungfu masters in the past, and kungfu masters today, have these benefits? The simple reason is that they didn't, and modern masters don't, have chi flow -- not the type we have. They might have chi flow, which they often did not realize, that contributed to their internal force and combat efficiency, but they did not have the type of chi kung we have that contributes to good health. In other words, they used their internal force for combat efficiency, whereas we use our internal force for good health, vitality, longevity, combat efficiency and spiritual joys.

Why didn't the past masters use their internal force the ways we do? They were not trained in the same way. Moreover, they took a much longer time to train their internal force; they might take years when we take months!

Yes, in the past kungfu masters were sick. They got well by taking medical herbal concoction. Sometimes they used acupuncture. When they were injured, they recovered by applying medical wine, medical paste and herbal concoction. The very high-level masters used chi transmission.

Reproduced from March 2012 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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