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Chi kung can overcome illness


You say that chi flow can overcome any illness. Why is this so?

— Vera, Russia


According to traditional Chinese medical philosophy, all illness is caused by energy blockage. Those who are used to Western medical philosophy may not know this fact. Huang Ti Nei Ching, or the Inner Classic of Medicine, regarded as the most authoritative of Chinese medical texts, clearly says that if the energy in the meridians is flowing harmoniously, wherefore can illness occur?

A person is served by an intricate network of energy flow. Energy, or chi, flows to all parts of a person to work his body systems to keep him healthy. To be healthy is natural. In other words, no matter what disease agent enters our body, our body systems will naturally overcome it. Disease agents enter our body all the time, but all the time our body systems naturally clear them.

For example, viruses enter our body all the time, and all the time without our conscious awareness our natural systems clear them. Cells are mutating in our body all the time, and all the time our body systems naturally contain the mutation. Emotions are affecting us all the time, and all the time our body systems flush out negative emotions. Our body systems can function naturally because of energy flow. If the energy flow is blocked, the person may be sick.

For example, if viruses enter our body and our body systems do not clear them due to energy blockage, the person will have a viral attack. If cells mutate and the body system does not contain it, the person will have cancer. When emotions affect us and they are not flushed out, the person may be depressed, angry or anxious.

This aspect of clearing energy blockage works in all aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, not just in chi kung. When a herbalist prescribes certain herbal concoction for a patient to drink, the herbs in the concoction leads the energy flow to certain meridians in the patient's body to clear the energy blockage. When a acupuncturist inserts needles into a patient and stimulates the needles, the insertion and stimulation lead the patient's energy flow to clear the energy blockage.

Practicing chi kung generates an energy flow. When the energy flow clears energy blockage, the person will recover his health as a matter of course. But he must practice genuine chi kung, which is rare nowadays. If he uses chi kung techniques to practice gentle physical exercise, he will not be able to clear his energy blockage.

The above is taken from Question 1 March 2019 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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