Instensive Chi Kung Course in Sungai Petani

A Chi Kung Course in Sungai Petani


I am writing to ask a few questions on some things that have been on my mind since the chi kung course in Bath on Saturday and Sunday less than one week ago. Firstly, I seem unbelievably happy all the time. Is this normal, or I am putting loads of chi into some happiness zone and making myself unnaturally happy, or doing something wrong generally? I'll elaborate on this below.

— Tim, England


It is normal and natural to be happy after practising chi kung learnt from me. Do you remember that after Standing Meditation — during the “Dan Tian Breathing” course, I think — I asked how many people felt happy and free, almost every one put up his hand? Do you remember I told the class that the Chinese term for being happy was “kai xin” (“hoi sim” in Cantonese), and I explained that this term came from chi kung? “Kai xin” literally means “open heart”, and if you practice high level chi kung, the chi flow opens your heart, making you happy.

It is natural to be free and happy because the Original State is freedom and happiness. The Original State is also called Buddha Nature. In Western terms it is called God. In prosaic terms it is the undifferentiated universal spread of energy.

Then, why are some people not free and not happy? These people often blame God, saying that God has been unfair to them. Actually God's freedom and happiness is for everybody, but these people block themselves. Their blockage can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

How do they block themselves? When they tense their muscles, for example, they block themselves physically. When they cling to anger or anxiety, they block themselves emotionally. When they have doubt whether they can be free or happy, they block themselves mentally. When they harbour evil intentions, they block themselves spiritually.

Because of blockage, their energy network becomes distorted and universal chi cannot flow smoothly, resulting in pain, illness and depression. In religious terms, they block themselves from the Grace of God. Practising genuine chi kung enables them to clear their blockage, thus restoring the original flow of universal chi, or God's Grace, through them.

These are not empty words. These words are explanation of what has happened. First we have the experience, then we use these words to explain the experience. I am now in Toronto, and I have just completed a Dan Tian Breathing course here. This morning I asked the class how may of them felt free, happy and energetic. Almost all students put up their hands.


I seem to feel stupidly happy all the time now. It is almost ridiculous. I look in awe at the garden at night and walk about in it just appreciating the feeling of night-time. Insects land on me and instead of brushing them off I feel like they're my friends. I feel waves of joy pass through me just walking around work. People are rude to me and I find it amusing.


Tim, you may not realize it, but you are one of the very few people in the whole world who have learnt and benefitted from an elite art. A lot of people learn chi kung, but only a very few have the opportunity to learn genuine chi kung, i.e. chi kung whereby you can purposefully work on energy and derive the benefits which chi kung classics say practising chi kung will give.

Fewer still have the opportunity to learn genuine Shaolin Chi Kung. What is so special about genuine Shaolin Chi Kung? It was the type of chi kung taught in the Shaolin Temple, which had been the imperial temple for all the emperors of China.

The elite chi kung has opened your heart and purified your spirit. Hence, you are joyful all the times, and at peace with yourself and with the whole cosmos. Actually, to be joyful and peaceful is natural. But many people find this odd because, due to habitual stressful living and other factors, they have been conditioned to be tensed, anxious and even depressed.

They also find it hard to believe elite chi kung can give such good results so quickly because most of them are used to degraded versions of chi kung where its essence has been lost. You may have an idea how degraded chi kung has become when you find that typical practitioners may have practiced chi kung for many years yet have no experience of chi, or that some people think they can teach chi kung to others after having learnt it from a book.


The greatest problem with this is that I don't feel I want to work at all! I want to go outside and be in the gardens and just walk about near the trees, or be with my girlfriend. I also feel a little light-headed sometimes.

My girlfriend says it doesn't sound like a problem at all, but a blessing and I should enjoy it, but I'm worried that people are going to start thinking I'm simple and that friends won't know how to react to me being this happy, and that it isn't conducive to work. In fact it's almost scary as I can't be sure I'll return to normal again. It feels like I've taken an ecstasy pill or something... Is this a normal reaction to have?


Your reaction is quite normal, like someone who has laboured all his life yet is poor, and now he finds himself suddenly with a lot of money. It is normal if he does not want to work, and just enjoys himself with his new-found wealth.

But you have to check yourself against this abuse. Although you have a lot of money or a lot of energy, you still have to work. Now, with plentiful of energy and freshness of spirit, you do not labour at your work, you enjoy it.

Your girlfriend is right — you are blessed. But you are mistaken to worry that people will think you simplistic and friends will find it hard to relate to you when you are happy. In fact the opposite should cause you concern. If you are complicated and unhappy, people and friends will find it hard to work with you.

Simplicity is a virtue, and being happy is a much sought after goal. As you have already known and experienced, the chi kung exercises which give you these wonderful results are very simple. Indeed, many students have expressed amazement that such simple exercises can give such profound results.

Being happy is conducive to work. You should also work for other people's happiness. One sure and simple way to do so is to be kind to them. It is normal to be happy and healthy. Do you want to be sad and sick all the time, or most of the time? That will be abnormal. Clear your mental blockage and enjoy your happiness, good health as well as work all the time.


I've been amazed by some of the things I've witnessed from practising chi kung myself this short time (barely a week) — muscle aches disappearing, old-broken bones and bones at back re-aligning, feeling happy all the time. It seems so wonderful that I want to teach my parents and my friends, especially those with medical problems, but I'm worried that I'm not a master like yourself and I won't have the expertise to teach them correctly. Worse, I might actually do more damage than good.


Many people have been amazed. Most of the students in the same courses you took, as well as in all my other courses, with the exception of those who had learnt from me before, were amazed. In Bath, just before I left, a woman student came up to me to thank me, and said it was like magic. Her results were beyond her imagination.

But if you tell other people, including your friends, because you care for them and want them to have similar wonderful benefits too, they would not believe you, they would think you wanted to sell the courses for me. If you tell them how much you paid for the courses, they would think you are crazy. If you said you would gladly pay ten times the price for the benefits you got, they would think you were really mad.

Why is this so? Mainly because they think the chi kung I teach is just like any other type of chi kung they find on the market, perhaps a bit better but not much. They simply have no idea how fantastic genuine Shaolin Chi Kung is.

You are right and wise to say that you would not teach your friends although you want them to have the wonderful benefits you have experienced, because you are not a master. It is not so much the techniques I teach, but the skills of my teaching that enable my students to have wonderful benefits.

But you can teach your friends if you want to. The best exercise to teach them is “Lifting the Sky”. Of course they will not have the same wonderful benefits that you have, but they will still get good benefits. If they have been sickly and weak all their life, they may find the benefits fantastic. But if you were to tell them that had they learnt from me personally, the benefits will be a hundred times more, they would be unable to imagine how that could be possible.

The above is taken from Questions 1-4 of July 2002 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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