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Amongst other benefits, "Pushing Mountain" is very good for sexual performance


I've recently started practice Qi Gong, based on Wong Kiew Kit's book for beginners. I would like to ask if there are some exercises which could solve my problem with not long lasting sexual intercourse.

— Thomas, USA


Any chi kung exercises can enhance sexual endurance. “Endurance” here of course does not mean the ability to endure or to stand hardship, but the ability to last long, usually with much pleasure. But some chi kung exercises are specially effective for this purpose.

Some people who are used to think that the kidney are just a pair of water-bags, may be surprised to learn that in Chinese medical philosophy the kidneys are the main organs responsible for sexual endurance. If a person's kidneys are weak, not only he cannot endure, he may be unable to perform too. Indeed, the whole range of sexual problems is collectively called “shen kwai” in Chinese, which means “weakening of the kidneys”.

The Chinese experts attack the problems at its root-cause. So, instead of rubbing the penis or squeezing the testicals as some who intellectualize on overcoming the problem may attempt to do, the Chinese experts strengthen the kidneys. Two excellent chi kung exercises to strengthen the kidneys are “Pushing Mountain” and “Nourishing Kidneys”, which are two of the famous set of Shaolin chi kung exercises called Eighteen Lohan Hands.

In case someone wonders why the Shaolin monks, who were cerebate, needed the two excellent chi kung exercises to enhance their sexual endurance, the answer is that this person has jumped to a wrong conclusion. Besides being effective for sex, the tremendous energy derived from these two exercises can also be used for other purposes like increasing vitality for our daily work, strengthening the intellectual, and contributing to spiritual cultivation.

You can obtain good results by learning from my books if you follow my instructions respectfully. But you will get much better result if you learn personally from any of our certified instructors.

The above is taken from Question 10 of March 2009 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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