An Intensive Chi Kung Course in Sabah

An Intensive Chi Kung Course


I have never attended chi kung classes, and I haven't practiced chi kung before, so will three days teach me anything? Thank you very much.

— Tamin, USA


For me myself, it took me about ten years to acquire the kind of wonderful effects my students get in my intensive course. This was certainly not because my teachers were ineffective or because I was a poor student. In fact I had some of the best teachers in the world, and in my young days I was known to be a superb student. I could, for example, learned a kungfu set by watching it performed thrice.

Then, why it took me ten years when my students need only three days? Because many things are different. For example, the approaches, methods, traditions, needs and aspirations are different. Hence, the comparison is not accurate, but it does give an idea of the value and cost-effectiveness of the intensive course.

Mine was the age-old, conservative way, geared towards the training of a true Shaolin disciple following the best Shaolin traditions. For example, I could, but I would not, break someone's arm as easily as I would break a stick, or take a chopper attack on my body without sustaining serious injury.

These abilities are not what I teach in my intensive courses. What I teach is geared towards the needs and aspirations of modern men and women, and not of classical kungfu knights. In the three days my students learn how to be focused and relaxed, to go into a chi kung state of mind, to tap cosmic energy and to generate an internal energy flow. These abilities will enable them to have good health, vitality, mental freshness and inner peace.

The best part of the course, as reported by many students, is direct personal experience. We do not just talk about focusing and relaxing, energy flow and inner peace, but actually experiencing these effects -- not many years later, but immediately during the course itself. It is certainly not without good reasons why so far no one has taken advantage of the satisfaction-guarantee to avoid paying the fee. On the other hand, I have asked a few unworthy students to leave the course, with a full refund.

The above is taken from Question 14 of July 2000 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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