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I have spent the past few years learning the art of Bagua. But I find it not a complete system, as we never seem to train the things we learn in a combative manner. Everything I read about the art tells conflicting things to what I learn.


Authentic Baguazhang, or Bagua Kungfu, is a complete martial system. Unlike exponents of some martial systems where certain modes of combat are not included, authentic Baguazhang exponents can handle any modes of attack without having to borrow any outside techniques.

Kicks, for example, are not normally included in judo training, locks not normally included in taekwondo training. In this respect I would regard these arts as incomplete, because their exponents when faced with modes of attack outside their normal repertoire, would have to borrow from other arts for their defence.

The fault therefore is not in Baguazhang, but in the way it is taught in your school. This is a pathetic situation facing all kungfu today. Not only in Baguazhang but in all styles of kungfu, more than 80% of their practitioners world-wide never train in a combative manner the kungfu forms they learn. They are concerned mainly, and often solely, on performing kungfu forms. If they ever spar, which is infrequent, they borrow techniques from other martial systems.

Congratulations for being perceptive in realizing that much of what is being written about your art is in conflict with what you actually practise. This happens in all other styles of kungfu, but very few realize it, much less do anything about it.

Here are some well known things written about kungfu. Kungfu is effective for fighting. Stances are very important. Size and weight are not important. Respecting the master is of utmost importance.

In reality, very few kungfu practitioners can defend themselves effectively. Very few instructors insist that their students spend time on stance training. All sparring competitions (where competitors often fight like children) are based on weight divisions. Most kungfu students today never address their masters as masters; they often call them by names, sometimes by nicknames. Isn't the situation of kungfu today pathetic?

The above is taken from Question 7 of Sep 2000 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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