Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claws

Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claws


Right now I practise three repetitions of One Finger Zen and Single Tiger Claw on each side every day like we did in the Chin Na Course in China.

My long term goal is to develop the force for effective Dim Mark and Tiger Claw. What would be the best procedure to reach that goal? How many repetitions of One Finger Zen and Single Tiger Claw should I aim for?

— Steffen, Germany


It is actually not the number of repetitions, but how you train internal force for each repetition. A person may perform 10 repetitions of either One-finger Shooting Zen or Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw leisurely, but he may be tired after 3 repetitions of intense training of either art.

Three repetitions on either side is the norm. I remember that when I trained Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw about 50 years ago, I did only 3 repetitions on either side, and I felt very tired.

Although you can be good at both, you need to choose between Dim Mark and Tiger Claw to specialize in. Both Dim Mark and Chin-Na, which often employs Tiger-Claw, are the Ultimates of Shaolin. The third Ultimate is Neigong, or internal arts, like Sinew Metamorphosis.

If you choose Dim Mark, a choice training method is One-Finger Shooting Zen. If you choose Chin-Na, a choice training method is Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw.

Both One-Finger Shooting Zen and Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw are rare skills. Those who practice Wushu, especially Nanquan, and Hoong Ka Kungfu may know the form of One-Finger Shooting Zen, but it is obvious that they don't have the skills. Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw is kept as top secret. It was incredible that I taught it at the Chin-Na course in China.

You can gradually increase the number of repetitions of training One-Finger Shooting Zen or Fierce Tiger Cleanses Claw. If you can perform 5 repetitions intensely you are good, and be able to apply Dim Mark or Tiger Claw. If you can perform 10 repetitions intensely, you will become a rare master.

Reproduced from May 2020 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers


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