Grandmaster Wong

Grandmaster Wong


I notice and appreciate the incredible cost effectiveness of our arts even more. With just half an hour of Kung Fu and 10 minutes of Chi Kung I can enjoy all the benefits these arts provide! For this I am deeply grateful, keeping you, my Sifu and my Sigung in my prayers.

Our little baby girl of seven months is a true bundle of joy. She has not been sick once. Her complexion is rosy and the volume of her voice astonishing. I attribute much of this to our practise of the Shaolin Arts and our good Chi Flow. Thank you very much!

— Steffen, Germany


One of the wonderful benefits we have is cost-effectiveness. If you are twice as effective as other people, that is quite remarkable. I remember that when I was a school teacher many years ago, I used to tell my colleagues that they earned double income if their wives were also working.

But you are not 2 times, or 3 times or 4 times more effective; you are 16 times more effective. In other words, you are now 16 times more effective than when you did not practice genuine chi kung and genuine kungfu, and 16 times more effective than other people, which means the great majority, who do not practice genuine chi kung and genuine kungfu. It is just incredible.

How do I work out 16 times? If a person is distracted, he will perform better if he is focused. If he is tensed, he will perform better if he is relaxed. If he has no internal force, he will perform better if he has internal force. If he has no mental clarity, he will perform better if he has mental clarity. Now you have all these factors -- being focused, being relaxed, have internal force and have mental clarity.

It is not just 4 times. Because of exponential progression it is 16 times. If a person earns 4,000 euros a month, now he earns 64,000 euros. If he performs a daily task in 16 hours, now he performs the same task in an hour. It is true that "when one is accomplished in genuine Shaolin arts, it is better than changing stones to gold by touch."

But genuine Shaolin arts are very rare today. Many so-call chi kung practitioners are weak and sick. Many so-called kungfu practitioners cannot use their kungfu for defence.

Reproduced from November 2020 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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