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You have to learn from a living instructor as learning chi kung is learning skills


Is there any other way to learn e.g. from DVD or online?

— Sourabh, India


It is helpful to differentiate two different types of learning -- learning knowledge and learning skills.

It is possible, in fact recommended, to learn knowledge from books, videos and online. Many university students go to libraries to read about the subjects of their study.

It is impossible to learn skills from books, videos and online. Learning chi kung is learning skills. This is a fact many people may not realize. They confuse learning skills with learning knowledge, and learn from books, videos and online. Some of them may even teach others, in a grandiose ideal of sharing.

Some may practice chi kung insufficiently or from incompetent instructors. They practice chi kung, which is energy exercise, as physical exercise, and ususally they are not aware of it. This is a main reason why chi kung has today debased beyond recognition.

Those who have basic skills of chi kung, or any art, can learn from books, videos or online. Indeed, students in Shaolin Wahnam learn kungfu sets as well as combat applications from the videos I post on my website. This is making good use of modern technology, a facility not available in the past.

The above is taken from Question 4 February 2018 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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