Enjoying Qi

Enjoying Qi


I love to understand the truth of qi. Is this a physical energy like other energy types, or something mental and spiritual?

-- Shiraz, Iran


I have explained qi comprehensively as well as in great depth in my books, especially in “The Art of Chi Kung” and “Chi Kung for Health and Vitality”.

Qi, or energy, is physical as well as mental and spiritual. Scientists have discovered that qi consists of electro-magnetic waves, subsonic waves as well as flows of sub-atomic particles.

Qi is also mental. It consists of flows of conscious impulses. A very high level qigong master can transmit his qi to influence the behaviour of others — although for moral reasons he would not do so.

Qi is also spiritual. At low levels qi can uplift a person's spirit, making him cheerful and hopeful. At high levels, it enables a person to have cosmic experiences. At the highest level, it unites a person's spirit with the Universal Spirit, called God, Tao, the Buddha or other names by different peoples.

These explanations are just empty words to the uninitiated. They may know the meaning of all the words in the explanations, but still do not really know what the explanations mean. It is like someone who has not eaten a durian (which is a popular fruit in Southeast Asia). He may read all the explanations on the taste of a durian, but still will not know how a durian tastes.

The best way for you to understand the truth of qi is to learn qigong from a genuine master. If you attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course, you will experience qi and its many benefits the very first day of your training.

The above is taken from Question 3 of Sept 2004 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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