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My sister is suffering from multiple sclerosis. The illness is gradually progressing and I know that the prognosis from the official medicine is not very promising. However, I know that in the world there are numbers of cases of full recovery from this condition. I believe that the recovery is possible which is why I am trying to help my sister to support her and I am looking for remedies in all possible areas and directions.

Could you please suggest some exercises or forms that might be helpful with the treatment of multiple sclerosis considering the fact that the person already has a limited ability of moving or even standing?

— Sergei, Russia


The onus of practicing chi kung is skills and not techniques. In other words, skills are much more important than techniques in the practice of chi kung.

More than 80% of those practicing chi kung, or think that they practice chi kung, do not have the skills although they perform chi kung techniques correctly and often beautifully. They perform gentle physical exercise using chi kung forms. They are still sick and weak, although genuine chi kung gives them good health and vitality.

The best course of action for your sister is to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course or to attend a regular class taught by our qualified Shaolin Wahnam instructor. You can see a List of Certified Shaolin Wahnam Instructor here. A lot of people have overcome multiple sclerosis by practicing chi kung from us.

But you have attended my Intensive Chi Kung Course and Small and Big Universe Course. If it is not feasible for her to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course or to attend a regular class taught by one of our certified instructors, you can teach her some chi kung. Please bear in mind that practicing chi kung and teaching chi kung need different skills, and it is not easy to teach chi kung to one of the family members. Even if she wants to learn, you may just teach her some gentle physical exercise.

Some good chi kung exercises to teach someone with multiple sclerosis are "Lifting the Sky", "Carrying the Moon", "Bear Walk", "Dancing Butterfly", "Deep Knee Bend" and "Rotating Knees". She must have a chi flow after the chi kung exercises.

The above is taken from Question 1 of October 2020 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers


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