sharing secrets

Sharing secrets


Why are you so generous while other masters keep their secrets? Isn't it a contradiction? Chi kung makes them open their heart, but they are still very conservative.

— Sara, Sultanate of Oman


There are a few reasons why I am generous.

I want to preserve the wonderful arts of kungfu and chi kung. If I don't share secrets, genuine kungfu and chi kung will be lost. Other masters may not have the same enthusiasm and sincerity in passing these arts to posterity.

Secondly, I have a lot of secrets. Sharing a few is not a big problem, compared to other masters who have few secrets. Let us say I have a thousand secrets. I can freely share a hundred secrets. Other masters who have only ten secrets will be very concerned after letting out a few secrets.

How is it that I have so many secrets whereas other masters have so few?

I was (and still am) very interested in kungfu and chi kung philosophy. I have a large collection of kungfu and chi kung classics. Other masters may not be bothered with such philosophy.

In my young days I went round seeking kungfu masters and discussed with them. This increased my understanding of kungfu and chi kung, and added to my repertoire of secrets.

I have a huge turn-over of classes per year. I teach more than a hundred classes, whereas most masters have the same one or two classes following him the whole year. This huge turn-over of classes not only enables me to improve my teaching methodology but also increases my understanding of kungfu and chi kung secrets. Many of these secrets resulted from my meeting expedient needs to help students solve problems in their training.

Many of the secrets are not actually secrets in the classical sense. There are training points any practitioners of genuine kungfu and chi kung in the past would know, but kungfu and chi kung have been debased so ridiculously today that modern practitioners do not know them.

For example, covering oneself for safety whenever he attacked was standard knowledge. If a student did not know it, he would soon know from actual experience of sparring or real fighting. But today students are so negligent in their own safety in sparring that telling them of this point resembles a secret.

Being focused and relaxed was an essential point any chi kung practitioner in the past would know. But today chi kung has been debased to gentle physical exercise that telling students about this point constitutes a secret.

Thirdly, I am generous by nature. My kungfu and chi kung training opens my heart and makes me generous.

Then, why aren't other kungfu and chi kung masters generous? It is because not many people, including masters, have the opportunity to practice high-level kungfu and chi kung like ours. Only some masters have internal force and are able to generate an energy flow, and they take months, if not years, to achieve these skills. Our students in my intensive courses take only one day! It is incredible but true.

Hence, although they are masters, of lower levels kungfu and chi kung or called masters out of respect, they may not enjoy the benefits that we do, like opening our hearts and be generous.

Most Chinese masters are conservative by tradition. I happen to be a freak in this respect. Our generousity is also determined by our school philosophy that we share the wonderful benefits of our arts with deserving students irrespective of race, culture and religion.

Indeed, when I first taught chi kung to the public, many masters were angry or laughing at me. They were angry that I taught to non-Chinese, and laughing that I taught chi kung in a matter of months (now in a matter of days). To them chi kung and kungfu training took years.

The above is taken from Question 1 July 2013 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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