I remember you previously mentioned that in your chi kung healing you always asked patients to forgive others and themselves. You also mentioned that this was leading to their recovery.

As chi kung healers, should we ask patients to forgive others and themselves?

-- Santiago, Spain


Forgiving is very important in medicine, and in life. In other words, I have discovered in my many years of chi kung healing that many diseases are caused by an inability to forgive. If we want to live a happy life, we must not have any grudges.

When a person forgives, he automatically lessens his feeling of grudges. He is the one who is most happy. The forgiven person may or may not know that he is forgiven.

When one has any grudges, he is not contented. To be contented is a necessary condition to be happy. Many famous and rich persons are unhappy.

I have discovered that cancer patients have grudges against other people. It is the grudges that block the natural functioning of their body to overcome cancer. Hence, I always ask cancer patients to forgive. If they feel that they have wronged themselves, they must forgive themselves. Once they sincerely forgive, their natural functioning will overcome their cancer.

Reproduced from Question 3 of August 2020 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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