Horse-Riding Stance

Horse-Riding Stance


Thank you very very much for returning me to happiness. For many years I only did “water buffalo training” and I always had low energy the whole day. Then I found by chance your website. Then I read your book, “The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu" and since then I do stance training, flexibility exercises and standing meditation, as you described in your book. Now I feel a lot of energy every day from morning to night.

-- Ronny, Switzerland


I am very glad of your benefits and progress. The exercises look simple, and are simple, but they are also very profound. Many people had told me they were amazed that such simple exercises could bring them so much benefit.

You have probably performed the exercises correctly, but I would still like to remind you that you must be relaxed when performing the exercises, especially stance training. It is an interesting paradox that the more you relax, the more energy you will develop — a fact most people find hard to believe. But for those who understand chi kung philosophy, it is no surprise at all.

You can now progress to the next stage, if you have not done so already. After your stance training or flexibility exercises, bring your feet together to stand upright, and then just let go. Do not think of anything, and do not do anything. Soon you may find your body swaying. Don't tense your muscles to stop the sway. Just follow the swaying movements. You will find that you sway “involuntarily”.

This is what we call a chi flow. It is both very beneficial and pleasant. Your outward bodily movements are the result of your internal energy flow. However, if your movements become vigorous, slow down the movements. You can do so by gently telling your body to slow down. Your body will follow your mind's instruction if you do so gently but firmly.

Reproduced from Question 5 in Jan 2004 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers


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