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Pio, who is over 70 years old, employs Tai Chi Chuan to spar effectively with Massisso


What art offers good self-defence that can be used in old age?

-- Ronnie, UK


Any genuine kungfu will offer good self-defence even at old age. But the problem today is that genuine kungfu of any style is very rare. Understandably, many people may think that I am arrogant or talking non-sense. First I said that genuine chi kung was very rare. Now I say that genuine kungfu, including Tai Chi Chuan, is very rare. But I am just telling the truth.

Kungfu is a martial art. That means kungfu practitioners, if they practice genuine kungfu, can use it for self-defence. But the truth is that today most kungfu practitioners cannot use their kungfu to defend themselves. If they spar with Boxers, Kick-Boxers or martial artists of any style, most kungfu practitioners today will be badly hit.

In fact, they cannot even use the kungfu forms they may beautifully perform in solo demonstrations to put up any semblence of defence. They will throw away their kungfu forms and employ Boxing or Kick-Boxing. Regardless of what they use, they will be badly hit by their opponents. Most kungfu practitioners today cannot defend themselves. It is a shame.

But this does not mean that kungfu is not an effective martial art. It only means that most kungfu practitioners today only pactice kungfu forms, but cannot use their kungfu forms effectively for combat.

In your case, the best choice is genuine Tai Chi Chuan. Geniuine Tai Chi Chuna is not only an effective art of self-defence, it is also chi kung. It will fulfiill your needs and aspirations for internal and outer medicine for health and longjavity, as well as offer good self-defence that can be used in old age, and much more.

If you practice genuine Tai Chi Chuan, you will have good health, vitality, longevity, mental freshness and spiritual joys -- wonderful benefits that conventional medicine and many other martial systems may not give. Medicine may overcome your illness, but does not necessarily give you good health and vitality. Many martial art systems may give you self-defence, but may not give your mental freshness and spiritual joys.

Almost to the point of being long-winded, I would remind you and many other seekers of good health, longevity and self-defence like you that you will have these wonderful benefits only if you learn genuine Tai Chi Chuan (or any style of genuine high-level kungfu) from a competent teacher willing to teach you.

Reproduced from August 2012 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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