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Sifu and Roland

Sifu Wong and Roland at Rheinfall, where the Europe's largest waterfall is located

The following discussion is reproduced from the thread Amazing Course Experiences posted by Luo Lang (Roland Mastel) in the Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on 19th September 2004.

And all of a sudden for a few seconds it felt like I didn't exist anymore. Non thought, no body, no course, no Switzerland, nothing but extreme peace and joy.

-- Roland Mastel

Amazing Course Experiences

Hi folks,

Finally I have found the time to write down some experiences of the last regional course (28th, 29th August 2004) with Sifu in Winterthur, Switzerland. It was the first time when the course was held in Winterthur, a little city very close to Zurich. The place where we trained was really nice with a lot of space (even for more than 40 participants for the first course) and it had a really good energy around. I take this opportunity to thank all those who took part. They were really nice people who helped with their open hearts to have a very nice course.

At some training sessions I didn't join in because I had to take some pictures. It was the first time when I could observe people enjoying a chi flow. I felt so much joy and happiness to watch others while in a chi flow. And without joining in directly I felt an intensive power and chi in me. My hands were hurting and shaking, sometimes I felt a profound pulsation in the middle of my palms and that was the time when I realized how much energy there was when about 40 people practiced together.

In the evening I could really not sleep until 3 in the morning, (ha greetings to Andrew Sihing) because I was so charged with energy.

The day after, Dan Tian Breathing was to come. It was my favorite exercise, so I had to joy in. (Smile) It was incredible. Every time it is so different, but always a pleasure.

While practicing the standard mode of Dan Tian Breathing (standing meditation) I could feel the extreme joy, this warm power inside of me. My whole arms felt like going to explode and they felt bigger than ever, really expanding.

Slowly I found myself realizing that there was nothing inside of my body, it felt empty, but warm and tranquil. Somehow I felt my spirit, my soul melting together with my physical body.

Sifu told us at this time that if we wanted to, we could bless somebody. I didn't want to think of somebody special, but all of a sudden many pictures, faces so clear and colorful of close, beloved people who passed away appeared and disappeared like a shadow.

And then somehow I had the feeling to bless my Sigungs Ho and Lai (I do that from time to time as I also bless all the great past Masters) and all of a sudden for a few seconds it felt like I didn't exist anymore. Non thought, no body, no course, no Switzerland, nothing but extreme peace and joy.

After the standard mode we performed the alternative mode, self manifested chi flow. Man, that was fun. Whenever Sifu and Sihing are around I feel so secure that I really can let go more. So this time I took the opportunity, the rare chance to completely let go. To my surprise something completely new was manifesting out of me. I mean I am open for all, but a monkeylike behavior from me? Please, Darryl Sihing yes, but not me. (Laugh)

During the time Sifu was in Switzerland I could spend some time with him and Andrew Sihing besides the courses. Somehow I think that's even more impressive. He is a living inspiration. He is living chi kung and kungfu all the time. Such a peaceful, and friendly and open hearted person I have really never met. It was impressive. Everywhere the people were also so friendly and with extreme good, respectful behavour. I know this country very well, that's not always like this! You can really see how people profit in Sifu's surrounding (they don't know he's a Grandmaster, they more likely think of him as a tourist), benefit from his radiation of nice chi and smile and have fun.

Sifu, thank you so much for your inspiration and thank you that we are able to learn the Shaolin arts from you.


"From formless to form, from form to formless"

Roland and others

From left: Roland, Andrew, Sifu Wong and Alena during a sight-seeing tour in Switzerland


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