Chi kung can clear karma


Can our Chi Kung also clear karma directly? Are certain exercises relatively better at this than others? As a theoretical question, can one also attain Enlightenment by just practising Chi Kung which focuses on spiritual cleansing without sitting meditation?

-- Sifu Roeland Dijkema, Netherlands


Chi kung can clear karma.

Indeed, those who learn from Shaolin Wahnam Institute have very good karma. Not only they learn genuine chi kung and kungfu, they are happy and peaceful every day.

Genuine chi kung clears karma, but certain exercises are especially effective. If we want to expand into the Cosmos, any one exercise from Sinew Metamorphosis (practiced in Shaolin Wahnam) and Cosmic Breathing are better than others. If we want to have peak performance, develop internal force and mental clarity, Lifting the Sky, Carrying the Moon and Pushing Mountain are effective. If we want to overcome illness, Self-Manifested Chi Movement is effective.

If we just practice chi kung, which must be genuine, to attain Enlightenment, it will take a very long time -- usually far longer than one's lifetime. Genuine chi kung, even at a low level, focuses on spiritual cleansing. It is triple-cultivation -- it focuses on the physical, the energy and the spirit. Gentle physical exercise, which most people practice though they call it "chi kung", focuses only on the physical.

Most people perform sitting meditation, or think they perform "sitting meditation", which is the training of the spirit. Actually they only sit in a lotus position, a semi-lotus position or crossed-legged, but a lot of thoughts come to their mind. In the training of spirit (or mind), a practitioner must clear all thoughts.

But we in Shaolin Wahnam Institute use standing meditation. In any one of the Sinew Metamorphosis exercises or Cosmic Breathing, we develop a lot of internal force to break through the illusionary body. We have developed a lot of mental clarity and we understand the philosophy of Cosmic Reality.

Our standing meditation is more effective than what many people do in sitting meditation. This may make many other people angry, but as I have said many times, this is their problem. I taught sitting meditation in Shaolin Wahnam Association, but discontinued to do so because of a good reason.

Reproduced from December 2020 Part 3 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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