Beautiful Fairy


During the graduation dinner of the Four Gates Course at the UK Summer Camp this year, something extraordinary happened. I hope this will be of interest to you.

You were telling us that there were many other worlds and beings besides our own phenomenal world. You told us that other beings, like gods and fairies were all around us too.

-- Sifu Roeland, Neitherland


I was very impressed with the high-level questions asked by the course participants at the graduation dinner. It was one of the best dinner talks I have had, and added evidence to my saying that some of the best lessons in our schools are obtained while having meals with the master.

I am sure many martial artists would be surprised at what we discussed before our food came. As Marcus rightly remarked, instead of questions like how to avoid a kick or how to throw an opponent onto the ground, course participants asked questions conccerning cosmic wisdom and spiritual cultivation. It showed the very high level of intelligence and development our participants had.


As soon as you had mentioned the word ”fairy”, I was approached by one! She was a beautiful, white presence. She asked me if she could listen through me to the cosmic wisdom you were spreading. As she didn't feel evil, I consented. I immediately felt pressure behind my eyes, ears and mouth then. I also noted she was a happy and mischievous presence.

After we had left, I asked her to leave, but she didn't feel like that as she was having fun. Only after some insistence did she leave. It was an amazing experience, although it did leave me with a headache.

I don't know if it was wise to let her into my head. Her request seemed very honest and she didn't feel evil, even though she didn't want to leave. Would you advise against this in future?


A lot of people, understandably, will think your question and my answer crazy. That is their business, not ours.

Your allowing her to enter your head to listen to me indicated your kindness. While this was commendable, I would not recommend it in future. A better alternative was to ask her to sit beside you to listen to my spiritual teaching. If it made her more comfortable, you might mention her request to me and asked my permission.

Although she meant no evil, allowing her inside you invited the risk that she might not want to leave, or she might stay longer than you desired. We could still force her out, but it would be unpleasant. We do not want to cause any unpleasantness on a lovely fairy, even though she may be mischievous.

This brings up an important principle for Shaolin Wahnam students. We must be ready to say “No” even when a request is well-intended. We can, and should, be polite while being firm. For example, if someone whats to borrow your car and you do not feel like lending him, then you don't have to force yourself to oblige.

An effective answer is something along these lines: “Your request is reasonable, but I am sorry the answer is No.” If he asks you for a reason, instead of trying to find some excuses, it is better to tell him honestly in a firm but pleasant manner, like “I am sorry but I just don't feel like it”. Should he press you further, smile at him and say, “That's a good reason for me.” Then walk away, giving him no chance to bother you further.

I would like to post your question about the fairy and my answer in my Question-Answer series, as it will beneift many people. Many other people, understandably, may think the question and answer crazy. That is their problem, not ours. However, if for any reasons you do not want your name to be mentioned, please let me know. I shall then use a pen name.

Reproduced from October 2008 Part 3 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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