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The amount of jing you have determines your lifespan, am I correct? Men lose jing through ejaculation, and consequently some of their life (I'm not sure about how women can lose jing). I was wondering if it is possible to increase your amount of jing. My research has said that it isn't possible, but Qigong can improve the quality of your jing. Could you comment on this?

— Robert, USA


One would better understand what is discussed here if he realizes that the Chinese concept “jing” when translated into English may refer to a few different, though related, meanings. When one says that the amount of jing one has determines his lifespan, “jing” means what in English would be translated as “DNA set-up”. One's jing or DNA not only determines how long his potential life is, but also other features of life like the colour of his skin and the scope of his intelligence.

When one says that men lose jing through ejaculation, jing here refers to sperms. While it is generally believed that habitually excessive sex would shorten a man's life, take comfort that views vary regarding the effect of moderate sex on life expectancy. Some believe that as sex gives a man joy (or, at least, pleasure), and as sperms are replaceable, it nourishes his spirit and therefore prolongs his life. Others are not as optimistic. They believe that the energy that gives life to sperms is drawn from “yuan qi” or “original energy”, which, like “yuan jing” or the DNA set-up, is fixed for life.

But even if you chose the second view, take comfort (or warning) that both yuan qi and yuan jing refer to potential lifespan, which is much longer than actual lifespan, and that denying oneself of wholesome sex which nourishes the spirit, like denying oneself of wholesome food which nourishes the body, would have adverse effect on actual lifespan.

Regarding your concern about how women could lose jing, you can be assured not to worry. As women produce eggs and not sperms for their sexual function, they have no worry about losing sperms. They also have no worry about their production of eggs regarding jing as DNA set-up because irrespective of whether they have sex, eggs will also be produced. On the other hand, having fulfilling sex will prolong women's life as it nourishes their spirit.

Yes, contrary to your research, it is possible to increase your amount of jing, if you take jing to mean sperms. Qigong is an excellent way to do so, improving both the quality as well as quantity of your sperms. If you take jing to mean DNA set-up, qigong cannot change it (e.g. it cannot change your skin colour or intelligence potential), but it can improve both the quality and application of your DNA set-up to such a remarkable extent that you are like a different person (e.g. changing your skin from pale to rosy, or changing you from a mediocre to a top scholar.)

The above is taken from Question 4 of December 2004 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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