Chi Flow

Chi flow is the essence of chi kung


I was surprised that everyone in our class had a chi flow. You have mentioned that chi flow is very important in chi kung. I have practiced chi kung before from another school, but there was no mention of chi flow.

-- Rita, Russia


Chi flow, or "xing qi" in Chinese, is very important in chi kung. It is its essence. It is chi flow that gives the benefits of chi kung, like overcoming illness, having good health, vitality, longevity, mental clarity and spiritual joys. Not many people know this fact. Indeed, chi kung has degraded to become gentle physical exercise.

If there is no chi flow, even when practitioners perform chi kung techniques they will not have chi kung benefits. This is the problem of more than 80% of chi kung practitioners today. Their chi kung techniques are correct, and often beautiful to watch, but they remain weak and sickly despite having practiced their art for many years.

In our school, chi flow is obvious. An observer can see our practitioners move about in chi flow. But in most other school, the chi flow cannot be obviously seen. The chi flow, if any, is inside the practitioners' bodies. In most cases, there is no chi flow.

The certified instructors in our school can also help their students to attain a chi flow in half an hour. But because their students have more time, like three months, in their regular classes, for the students' benefit our instructors take a longer time to effect a chi flow. I only have a few hours in my courses, so I have to effect a chi flow fast.

Reproduced from April 2019 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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