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Wu-wei and You-wei


Your teaching of “you wei” and “wu wei” have particularly benefited me very much, whether manifesting as a new and better job, or in better relationship with my family. God continues to teach me, and as I continue to grow and develop I seek to use these blessings to benefit the world more and more.

-- Ray, USA


“Wu-wei” is an important Taoist concept that is often translated as “not doing anything and everything will be done for you.” This has caused much conusion to many people. They are puzzled how can anything be accomplished if they do nothing.

What they don't realize is that “wu-wei” is only half the secret. The other half is “you-wei”, which means “doing something appropriate”. If you do something appropriate, you relax and let God or Nature do the remaining necessary things for you, trusting that God or Nature will also work for your best benefit.

In chi kung context, you perform some appropriate exercise, then let go and let the spontaneous chi flow work to overcome any illness or pain you may have, and to give you good health, vitality and longevity. Those who do not understand chi kung philosophy may find this hard to comprehend, but this is how chi kung works.

When you have your chi flowing, the chi flow will clear your blockage. But how does chi know where the blockage is? Like water, chi flows from areas of high energy levels to areas of low energy levels. Blockage is where the energy level is lowest. As long as you practice consistently, the chi flow will eventually clear the blockage, resulting in good health.

Reproduced from September 2008 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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