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I have a small dilemma that I would like to ask for your advice. Recently when I showed a friend the Shaolin Wahnam website he admitted that he felt extremely jealous and upset over all the accomplishments your students had achieved in such a relatively short time. My friend is a very serious and dedicated martial artist and seeks to become a master. He is considering attending one of your intensive summer courses next year.

-- Ray, USA


Indeed the accomplishments of even my ordinary students are quite incredible. For example, in my regional chi kung class on “Generating Energy Flow”, which is the lowest level of my various courses, fresh beginners are able to generate an internal energy flow after less than an hour of training.

Most students elsewhere take many years to attain such a skill. Hence, many people simply do not believe what we claim we can do in our courses. This is understandable, but what is unreasonable is that some people call us liars without bothering to find out whether our claims are true. All they need to do is to attain a course, and if they are not satisfied they can ask for their money back.

My Intensive Chi Kung Course teaches a much higher level of skills. Among many other benefits, students can attain a one-pointed mind, tap energy from the cosmos, direct it to wherever they want, generate an energy flow, build a ball of energy at their dan tian, open their heart and set free their spirit. All these wonderful skills are attained within three days of the course.

We are quite liberal in sharing our arts with deserving students irrespective of race, culture and religion. Our most important condition is upholding and practicing the Ten Shaolin Laws.

Reproduced from Feb 2005 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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