Pushing Mountain

Pushing Mountain


My wife and I have been practicing chi kung for 6 months. Can you tell which of the patterns presented in your excellent book would benefit me in treating my tinnitus (ears ringing).

— Pierre, France


In chi kung it is not what exercises you practice, but how you practice them that is important. In other words, the successful practice of chi kung depends more on skills than on techniques.

Many people do not know this important fact. This is one main reason why many people think they can learn chi kung successfully from books or videos. They may learn the techniques well, but they only practice the techniques as physical exercise as they lack the necessary chi kung skills. It is like many people practice Tai Chi Chuan, which is an internal martial art, as external Tai Chi dance.

More subtly, many people do not take the trouble to find good teachers. They mistakenly think that all chi kung teachers are the same. Most chi kung teachers teach only chi kung techniques; they do not teach skills.

In fact, many teachers themselves do not realize the difference between techniques and skills. Hence, students practice the techniques for a long time, usually years, and if they are lucky they develop the skills haphazardly and unknowingly.

This is the main reason why more than 80% if chi kung practitioners today have little or no chi kung benefits even when they have practiced for years. Although the techniques are genuine, they merely practice them as gentle physical exercise.

In our school, where students learn chi kung skills right at the beginning, any chi kung exercise may overcome your tinnitus or any health problem.

Understandably, it may not be easy for other people to understand what I am saying. They may find my statement ridiculous. Any chi kung exercise can overcome any health problem? Yes, if you practice it as genuine chi kung with chi kung skills. On the other hand, if you practice any exercise as physical exercise -- which is what you and most other people do, otherwise you would not have asked me the question -- it cannot overcome any health problem.

The explanation is actually straight-forward. All health problems are caused by energy blockage. Any chi kung exercise can generate an energy flow that can clear energy blockage.

Nevertheless, if all other things were equal, "Pushing Mountains" amd "Nourishing Kidneys" are very effective for overcoming tinnitus. Howver, in real life other things are not equal. For example, a master practicing any exercise will be more effective in overcoming tinnitus or any health problem than a student practicing "Pushing Mountains" or "Nourishing Kidneys".

The above is taken from Question 5 July 2012 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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