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There is so much out there in the world of martial arts and he (martial art instructor) recently sent me out on my own to figure out for myself what to learn next (though it should be Gung fu, coming from his background)

— Philip, Belgium


In principle, your instructor asking you to go out into the world to figure out what to learn next, is like asking you to re-invent the wheels when you can just buy a car.

I do not mean to belittle your instructor. Honestly, I think he is a nice person and has your interest at heart. What I want to show is the pathetic situaion of kungfu today where the level of instructors available is generally low.

Any instructor should be well trained and properly qualified so that not only his teaching will benefit his students but also he is in a position to give useful advice to guide his students.

An instructor may have good intentions in asking his students to find out for themselves in the real world, but without proper guidance the students are likely to waste a lot of time. Worse, they may harm themselves by getting involved in wrong arts. This, in fact, is quite common. Today many martial artists are less healthy physically and psychologically after many years of training than before they started their training!

The above is taken from Question 2 of March 2009 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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