Sophisticated technique

A sophisticated techniques


I tried your kungfu techniques by learning from your videos, but each time I use them my sparring partner just bounces away.

-- Paul, France


In combat, skills are more important than techniques. You may use kungfu techniques but if your skills in applying these techniques are not as good as your opponent's skills in bouncing away, he will just bounce away.

This applies to any techniques. If you punch or kick your opponent, but your skills in punching or kicking are not as good as the skills of your opponent in defending or countering your attack, your attack will not be successful and you may be hit.

If we presume that the skills are the same, if you use a more sophisticated technique, your change of hitting your opponent will be more than if you had used a simple technique.

This applies to techniques where he knows the counters. For example, presuming that the skill level is the same, you may use a technique to punch your opponent who may defend and then counter-attack. If your technique is sophisticated, he will find it more difficult to counter-attack. If you use a simple technique, it will be easier for the opponent.

Skills need to be learnt from a competent teacher who is willing to teach you, not from a book or a video. For example, you don't learn how to drive or swim from books or videos but from living instructors. Even when you know the techniques of driving or swimming, unless you have the skills, you still cannot drive or swim.

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Reproduced from March 2019 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers


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