An excellent chi kung exercise for pregnant woemn


Should a pregnant woman practice chi kung?

-- Oksana, Russia


It depends on whether the woman is skillful in chi kung.

If she is skillful, she may practice gentle chi kung, bearing in mind that the needs of her baby and the needs of an adult are different. She should avoid chi kung that generates a lot of movements or a lot of force, and avoid stretching.

If she is not skillful in chi kung, or she is not a chi kung practitioner, it is better to wait until she has delivered her baby before practicing chi kung.


If so, what exercise is best for her?


The following exercise is excellent for pregnant women. This exercise has been tested again and again, and has proven to be very useful. It can be practiced by any woman, irrespective of whether she has practiced chi kung before. It is also helpful for men to know this exercise so that they can tell pregnant women.

Breathe in gently but deeply three times. Gently think or visualize that her baby is developing beautifully and healthily and when the time is right her delivery is safe and pleasant. She can practice the exercise while sitting down, standing or moving about. She can practice it any time except noon. A suitable number is about 3 to 5 times a day.

Reproduced March 2019 Part 3 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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