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Can I continue my gym work after practicing chi kung? Can I combine my chi kung training with working in a gym?

-- Dr Oetie, Austria


Of course you can. No matter what you have been doing, having practiced chi kung, you will do it better.

If you have been working in a gym, practicing Taiji or yoga, drinking coffee with a lot of sugar, eating ice-cream or enjoying sex, having practiced chi kung, not only you can continuing doing all these things, but you will do them better. This is only logical as practicing chi kung gives you more energy and mental clarity. It does not make any sense if before practicing chi kung you can drink coffee with sugar or enjoy sex without harm, but after practicing chi kung you cannot do these things.

Not only you can combine chi kung with gym work or any other physical or mental activities, you will have better result. You can practice chi kung first, then perform your gym work. Or you can perform your gym work first, then practice chi kung. Or you can enter into a chi kung state of mind, or even have a gentle chi flow while performing gym work or any activity.

If you work in a gym because you enjoy doing it, it is fine. But if you endure gym work to keep healthy, then you don't have to work in a gym if you practice chi kung, as chi kung by itself is more than sufficient to keep you healthy. Similarly, if you enjoy taking vitamin pills, that is fine. But if you take vitamin pills to keep healthy, then when you practice chi kung you don't have to take the pills because chi kung by itself is more than sufficient to keep you healthy.

Reproduced from January 2012 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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