Grandmaster Wong

When there is a lot of chi in the bones, the practitioner will be morally upright


You have explained very clearly how chi kung overcomes illness, and contributes to good health, vitality and longevity. But how does chi kung contribute to morality?

Florian, Austria


Besides contributing greatly to good health, vitality and longevity, chi kung also contributes to morality as well as spirituality.

It is helpful to know that morality and spirituality are different, though a morally upright person is usually, but not necessarily, a spiritual person. Sometimes a morally upright person may not believe in the spirit; he believes that this physical life is all there is. On the other hand, a spiritual person, i.e. a person well trained in spiritual matters, may not be morally upright. A good example is a black magician.

The contributions of chi kung to morality and spirituality, as well as good health, vitality and longevity, are intrinsic. In other words, just by practicing chi kung, -- genuine chi kung -- the practitioner will have better morality and spirituality, as well as better health, vitality and longevity. He (or she) does not need to direct his chi kung to these betterments.

Why is this so?

When a person practices chi kung, his chi, or energy, will strength his bones. When his bones are strong with chi, not only he can stand upright, he is also morally upright. In fact, a colloquial Chinese term for being morally upright is "gu qi", which literally means "bone energy".

Why is it that when there is a lot of bone energy, the person will be morally upright? It is the way of things, except not many people may know it. It is like when you are thirsty, if you drink some water, you will not be thirsty; when you are hungry, if you eat some food, you will not be hungry.

Chi kung is triple cultivation, i.e it not only cultivates the physical body and energy, but also the spirit. Hence, chi kung, especially high-level chi kung, enables practitioners to be spiritual.

Practicing chi kung generates chi flow, or energy flow, although in low-level chi kung the chi flow may not be noticeable. In gentle physical exercise using chi kung forms, which is practiced by many people who say they practice chi kung, there is no chi flow.

Chi flow contributes to health, vitality and longevity. When the chi flow is harmonious, the practitioner is healthy. When the chi flow is vigorous, he has vitality. When he has accumulated a lot of chi from his chi flow, which is naturally stored in his dan tian, or energy fields, he has longevity.

It is great to practice chi kung.


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