Separating Water

Separating Water


What benefits can we have when we practice the exercises of Massaging Internal Organs?

-- Monika, Spain


We may classify benefits into holistic and thematic. Holistic benefits apply to all chi kung exercises. Chi kung gives good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys. Overcoming illness comes under good health.

Thematic benefits apply to specific chi kung exercises where the benefits are emphasized. In this course we practice three chi kung exercises, namely Turning Head, Separating Water, and Merry-Go-Round. I shall answer your questions on thematic benefits based on these three exercises.

Turning Head, as its name suggests, is excellent for the head. It will clear away rubbish from the head, especially from the brain cells, giving mental clarity. Indeed, many students can actually feel that they are mentally clearer after performing the exercise.

It may not be easy for students to believe, but it is true. This exercise can overcome any neurological problems! You need not have your head operated to solve the problem, you can let chi flow do the work.

More significantly it prevents any problems that may develop in the head. If a stroke is developing, which you may never know, your chi flow will clear it before a stroke manifests as a problem.

Separating Water is good for opening the chest and the heart. It is excellent for those suffering from depression. If you have no health problems, Separating Water will make you joyful everyday!

Separating Water is also good for back pain. It massages every muscles on your back, and the chi flow clear away blockage, overcoming the pain.

Separating Water is a powerful exercise. It will increase your internal force, making you strong and confident.

Merry-Go-Round works on organs around the abdomen. If you are timid or anxious, this chi kung exercise can help to overcome the problems. If you don't have these health problems, Merry-Go-Round will enhance your courage and calm.

In Chinese medical philosophy, the kidneys are very important for sex, intellect and general vitality. If anyone has problems with these areas, performing Merry-Go-Round which directs chi to the kidneys, will help to overcome the problems. Those without such problems will enhance these areas.

Reproduced from July 2019 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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