Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam

Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam


Then, what is the most advanced lesson?

-- Sifu Maxime Citerne, Shalin Wahnam France


The most advanced lesson, in the phenomenal dimension, is "sum seong si seng", which means "Mind thinks, events materialize".

Everyone has this ability, but the effect is weak that it is usually cancelled by other thoughts and happenings. But for those trained in spiritual cultivation, such as meditation and internal arts, like us, the effect can be very strong.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we must always have noble thoughts -- of ourselves and other people. Thoughts create reality.

If a person is sick, for example, he should think that he can get well, and take action to realize his thought. If he is unhappy in his family life or work place, he should think that the unhappy situation can be rectified, and act on it.

"Sum seong si seng" is the most advanced lesson in the phenomenal dimension that I learned from my sifu. In the transcendental dimension, the most advanced lesson is "sitting in a lotus position, thinking nothing and doing nothing".

This lesson can enable a dedicated cultivator to attain the most supreme achievement any being can ever attain, called variously as Enlightenment, merging with he Great Void or returning to God the Holy Spirit.

Reproduced from June 2013 Part 1 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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