Galapagos Islands

On Galapagos Islands where Mary had a beautiful Intensive Chi Kung Course


But I felt I needed to ask if you think it is wise for me to share what I learned last week, since it is all so new and obviously I have no mastery as yet. Would it be a problem for me to simply relate my own experiences to them and show them the details of the exercises?

— Mary, Galapagos Islands


It is very thoughtful of you to ask me.

While it is useful to tell your friends of your wonderful experiences and benefits at the Intensive Chi Kung Course, it is not advisable for you to teach them or show them the details of the exercises.

It is because what you can show and what they can see are the outward techniques. They will not be able to understand or appreciate the skills involved, even when you perform the techniques with the right skills. They may have the wrong impression that if they follow your outward techniques, they will also obtain the benefits.

Not only they will not derive the wonderful benefits that you have, they are likely to perform the exercises wrongly which will lead to adverse effects. The wrong practice is not due to performing the techniques wrongly. Indeed, they are likely to perform the techniques correctly like what you showed them.

The wrong practice is due to their lack of the necessary skills. Hence, instead of being relaxed and think of nothing, which are crucial for practicing the exercises correctly, they are likely to tense their muscles and intellectualize. This may result in serious adverse effects in them which neither you nor them know how to deal with.

If you make mistakes in yourself, it is alright because your chi flow will immediately erase whatever adverse effects your unwitting wrong practice may produce. But your friends do not have any chi flow.

But if you wish to show or even teach them something, you can teach them Lifting the Sky as gentle physical exercise, and not as chi kung. Your friends will not be able to tell the difference between gentle physical exercise and chi kung. Indeed, most chi kung practitioners today, including some "masters" cannot tell the difference too. The difference is that gentle exercise works on the physical body, whereas chi kung works on energy.

Tell your friends that they have to practice Lifting the Sky as gentle physical exercise, and not as chi kung because it may be risky for them if they do not learn personally from a qualified instructor. Tell them that even as gentle physical exercise they will have much benefit. They still have to perform the gentle physical exercise without tensing their muscles and without thinking of anything. You need not explain to them the difference between gentle physical exercise and chi kung so as not to confuse them.

Although they may find the benefits amazing, like being relaxed and loosening their muscles and joints, their benefits are nothing compared to the wonderful benefits that you have. If they wish to have similar benefits like yours, they have to learn from a certified Shaolin Wahnam instructor or attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course.

The above is taken from Question 8 October 2012 Part 2 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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