The Small Universe

The Small Universe


It got me wondering about how other schools teach the Small Universe as a foundation course.

They often teach the Small Universe using the pearl of energy to go round the Small Universe rather than a constant flow.

— Sifu Mark Appleford, Chief Instructor of Shaolin Wahnam UK


Other schools, I believe, just teach the techniques of the Small Universe.

If a school or a teacher teaches the Small Universe as a fundamental course, it is a clear indication that the school or the teacher does not know what the Small Universe is.

Those who teach the Small Universe by using a pearl of energy going round the body often result in harm. They cause blockage of energy flow.

Even if the students succeed in creating a pearl of energy, which is difficult, there is no connection between one pearl and another, which means that the flow of energy between the various pearls is interrupted. This is not good for health. Good health is the result of smooth energy flow, not having isolated collection of energy.

If students make mistakes in creating the pearls of energy, which is quite likely, the adverse effect is worse. They will create energy unbalance and a lot of blockage.


I know that you teach it over three days and at all levels if the students are ready.


It is actually ridiculous (in a good sense) that I teach the Small Universe to those who are ready in three days, and more ridiculous that the students have the result of the Small Universe. It is not just teaching the techniques of the Small Universe, but the students having the Small Universe and enjoying its benefits.

To ask how do our students know they have the Small Universe and enjoy its benefits is, in principle, like asking how do people know they are sitting on a chair or walking on the ground.

Our students know they have the Small Universe or enjoy its benefits by direct experience, just as people know they are sitting on a chair or walking on the ground from direct experience. If people stand on a table, for example, they know from direct experience that they are not sitting on a chair or walking on the ground.

Those who have no experience of the Small Universe or its benefits, will never know even when academic answers are given correctly. Just like if a person has never eaten a durian, no matter how accurately a description of a durian taste is, the person will not know its taste.


Could you teach the Small Universe on just the medical or lower level?


Yes, I could if I want to. But I would prefer to teach the Small Universe at all levels, not just the medical or lower level. It is because it is just a simple transfer of skills to other levels. As an analogy, if I can teach students to sit on a chair, I shall also teach them to sit on a table, a stool, a sofa, a stone, a bench or any other things.

If I can teach a person the Small Universe to overcome an illness, which I would take what you mean by a medical level, I shall also teach him how to apply the Small Universe for other tasks, like attaining peak performance in his work and play, and being peaceful and happy in his daily live.

Or, do you mean the Big Universe at the medical level, as distinguished from the Big Universe at the spiritual level? I would if I have the time, and I usually have the time, because the transition form the medical level to the spiritual level takes a relatively short time once a practitioner has attained the Medical Big Universe.


And if you could how long would it take and what would the benefits be?


It depends on at what level the students are. If they are ready, they can attain the Small Universe at the medical level in three days, like what students did at my Small Universe Course where they not only attained the medical level but also other levels, and not only the Small Universe but also the Big Universe!

If the students are fresh beginners, and they are willing to practice everyday, and I am willing to teach and supervise them everyday, they will need six months of daily practice to attain the medical level of the Small Universe.

As a comparison, I myself took about 2 years. Past masters took about 10 years.

Honestly, I am not willing to teach students everyday for six months to attain the Small Universe. I would prefer then to learn from our instructors, get themselves ready and attend my Small Universe course.

The benefit of the Small Universe, especially at a medical level, is best summed up in the proverbial saying that "When one has attained the Small Universe, he will overcome hundreds of diseases", which means all diseases, including so-called incurable diseases, irrespective of whether the practitioners know them!

But if a person wants to overcome any diseases, including so-called incurable diseases, I would recommend him to practice the Five-Animal Play, the Eighteen Jewels, Self-Manifested Chi Movement, or the Eighteen Lohan Hands, rather than the Small Universe. Any one of these types of chi kung is more effective than the Small Universe. And he does not have to learn from me, he can learn from any one of our certified instructors.

The above is taken from Questions 2, 3, 4 and 5 February 2017 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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