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Chi kung at the physcial, energy and mind levels


Would you recommend that I teach chi kung to my children at the physical level?

-- Maria, Spain


Yes, at the physical level, but not performing chi kung techniques as gentle physical exercise. There is only a fine line of difference, and most chi kung practitioners today may not realize it. They practice chi kung techniques not as chi kung, but as gentle physical exercise. That is why they do not derive any chi kung benefits like good health, a lot of energy and mental freshness though they may have practiced for years. At best they derive benefits of gentle physical exercise, like being relaxed and having good balance

The crucial difference is energy flow. When the practice results in energy flow, it is chi kung. When the practice does not result in energy flow, even when the same techniques are used, it is gentle physical exercise. Please note that for most other students, their chi flow may not be as vigorous as ours. They may just sway a little, or they feel some tingling sensations inside their body. And they usually take a longer time to have some chi flow.

It is the chi flow, not the techniques, that gives the benefits of chi kung. In other words, if after practicing chi kung for some time, you overcome your illness, or find that you can think more clearly, it is because of your chi flow, and not because of your techniques like "Lifting the Sky" and "Pushing Mountain". If you practice "Lifting the Sky" and "Pushing Mountain" but there is no chi flow, in which case you practice the techniques as physical gentle exercise, you will not overcome your illness or have mental clarity. On the other hand, you can also generate chi flow using other techniques.

It is the same as cash flow. It is the cash flow, not the job you do, that enables you to enjoy your economic needs. In other words, if after working as an engineer or a salesman you can pay your rent and enjoy delicious dinners, it is because of your cash flow. If you work well but have no cash flow, you will be unable to enjoy your economic needs. On the other hand, you can also generate cash flow by working other jobs.

There are three main approaches in generating chi flow, namely using form, using breathing and using mind. These three approaches or levels are integrated, the difference is one of emphasis.

You can generate an energy flow by repeating a chi kung form, or a few chi kung forms, many times, without worrying about your breathing and without any visualization. This was what we did at the start of our "Cosmic Shower" course. And this is the physical-level of chi kung that I recommend you to employ to teach your children

You can generate an energy flow by regulating your breathing while performing a chi kung form, or a few chi kung forms. This was what we did in our "Generating Energy Flow" course. You can also generate an energy flow using mind, without performing chi kung forms. This was what we did in the main part of our "Cosmic Shower" course where we generated a cosmic shower through our body.

If repeating a chi kung form, or a number of chi kung forms, can generate an energy flow, then why so many other students who do exactly this, cannot generate an energy flow? It is because they lack chi kung skills, especially the skill of entering into a chi kung state of mind.

Reproduced from November 2011 Part 2 in Selection of Question-Answer Series


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