This is a very powerful exercise, and may lead to over-training


What should we do when we over-train?

— Marc, Germany


There are 5 things you can do if you have over-trained, or to prevent over-training.

  1. Cut down the time of training. If you train kungfu for 2 hours a session, now train for only an hour. Spend the other hour with your girlfriend, or with your parents.

  2. Cut down the intensity of training. An excellent way is not to enter too deeply into a heightened level of consciousness, called entering into a chi kung state of mind, entering Zen or entering Tao in our school.

  3. Stop training for a day or two. Spend the time rewardingly.

  4. Spend time and energy in vigorous activities, like set practice, combat application, hiking, picnics, shopping and other outdoor activities. Many students reported that they felt energized, not tired, after these activities.

  5. Take negative actions, like purposely tensing your muscles or purposely intellectualizing. These negative actions are not advisable, but they may help to overcome over-training. It is good to have a short, gentle chi flow after these negative actions to clear any harm caused.

The above is taken from Question 3 April 2018 Part 1 of the Selection of Questions and Answers.


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